CNN announces Vaccine Passports for all, but we can still stop this!

We must give up our freedom for safety from Covid, and those who don't take the vaccines are a threat to society who must be identified and eliminated, says CNN today. I have some concerns. I guess you could...

"The midst of a global pandemic that cost millions of lives and trillions of dollars in economic loss is not an ideal moment to discuss individual rights."

Was it the virus that destroyed the economy, or the lockdowns and restrictions imposed by government?

Also, people who give up individual rights (even temporarily) for safety will end up with neither. This has been known - and forgotten again - for centuries.

"Privacy advocates have undercut contact tracing apps' use. This technology would have permitted us to go about our business."

It's incredible to see the mainstream media admit contact tracing has been defeated. That's great news for humanity in general! It shows that the people still do have the power. If we stand against something, we can prevent the advancement of tyranny. Our actions as individuals matter. Like drops of water that add together to create a tsunami that cannot be stopped.

"Anti-mask movements have arisen to protest the requirement to protect themselves and others. The same libertarians who are resigned to seatbelts, helmets and condoms have resisted the single most effective personal protection against a respiratory contagion."

It's not just "libertarians", it's all free and thinking humans. They love to put a label on anyone that doesn't agree with them. Sometimes it's "Trump supporters", or "conspiracy theorists", or "right wingers". It's all about demonizing and dividing. They have to use those tactics, because their position is ridiculous and their argument has no legs to stand on.

Condoms might be a good idea in a lot of situations, but is their use mandatory? Of course not. So they can't be directly compared to masks like that. Besides, would you wear a condom that said it stopped 95% of viruses? Billions are passing right through, and it only takes 1 to potentially cause infection. Masks and condoms are very different things.

"As lockdowns are eased - but before we have achieved herd immunity - vaccine passports allow the vaccinated to move about, attend events, and eat out. To identify the vaccinated, a passport has been suggested. Those without it remain deprived of such simple pleasures from pre-Covid life."

Wow, that's your big sell? That's your sales pitch, that if we accept the "vaccine" (which isn't a vaccine) and "passport" (which isn't a passport), we can have part of our freedom back? They are quite brazen about their disturbing offer, and then act surprised when it gets rejected?

"Passports should be a technical, not an ideological issue."

Can't there be more than one issue with them?

It is a false dichotomy (unnecessary choice between only two options) to claim vaccination passports aren't a threat to our liberty, simply because they pose a technical challenge. How ridiculous, but there it is.

"A different solution is needed for the few who have medical reasons to avoid vaccination. They must be given the benefits of inclusion."

If unvaccinated people who have a medical excuse (such as allergy to the shot) will be granted access to society along with vaccinated people, this has nothing to do with the spread of any virus, and everything to do with compliance. Right there on the front page of CNN.

"We accommodate religious objections to other mandates, such as military service, so long as only few demand them. If anti-vaccine people do not disrupt the 80% compliance required for herd immunity, that may also now be possible."

If it's okay to avoid the vaccine because of religious beliefs, this is more admission it's only about compliance, not in any way about infectious illnesses.

Speaking of religious objections....

My parents spent my first 20 years trying to convince me the Bible is accurate. They believed the forces of evil would someday trick believers and non-believers to take a "mark of the beast" that would grant them the ability to buy, sell, and travel. They called me crazy when I rejected these stories as an adult.

20 years later, I'm trying to convince my parents the Bible is accurate. I believe the forces of evil are tricking believers and non-believers to take a "digital immunity passport" that grants them the ability to buy, sell, and travel. They call me crazy for that now, too.

My Christian parents are taking the mark of the beast, and calling me crazy for fighting for freedom. It's very upsetting to be scapegoated for the ongoing pandemic, economic collapse, and breakdown of society, when it is the government's lockdowns and restrictions that are causing those things, not freedom. Freedom is the solution, not the problem.

"So long as not everyone is eligible for a shot, passports are unfair. Once everyone has been offered a vaccine, however, the situation changes. Those without passports would then become the refuseniks, who have voluntarily rejected contributing to herd immunity. We would then be distinguishing between the safe and others, the outcome of a freely chosen decision."

The derogatory term "refuseniks" refers to Jews in Russia who attempted to flee persecution, but were refused emigration by officials. Their protests to regain their freedom went unheard. They were considered social parasites, discriminated against, and killed. It's incredible to see the term resurrected to be used against unvaccinated people in 2021! Notice it originally referred to a refusal of the people by the government, and now is referring to a refusal of the government by the people. A complete 180 degree flip of the definition.

Check out these highlights from a Canadian mainstream media propaganda piece about "vaccine hesitation":

About 1 in 4 Canadians expressed some degree of vaccine hesitancy to an April 5th survey (which polled 1603 members of Insights West). When asked how likely they are to take a Covid vaccine once it’s available to them, 43% expressed certainty, with 23% saying they’re very likely or somewhat likely. About 9% said they were very unlikely or somewhat unlikely to take it, with another 5% saying they will definitely skip the vaccine.

Roughly half of respondents say they are concerned about the side effects. Also about half feel the development of the vaccines were too rushed, and big pharma is trying to profit from the vaccines. 35% say they don’t trust information from health officials about the safety of vaccines. Mistrust is highest among those who said they’re unlikely to get vaccinated but was also expressed by 1 in 6 people who have already received or plan to get the vaccine. 1 in 4 say are skeptical of the vaccine’s effectiveness, while 1 in 7 say they don’t trust any type of vaccine. Nearly 1 in 5 of respondents say COVID-19 is not a serious disease. People 35-54 are more likely to be hesitant.

"These misconceptions are not held among a small, fringe segment of our society, but a rather significant minority, potentially threatening the efforts of health authorities fighting the pandemic," an expert said. "We need to reach 80 per cent vaccinations to beat this virus, and the current polling numbers suggest this will be a challenge.”

Sounds like they know they can't get everybody to take it unless they further ramp up the fear, pressure, coercion, and intimidation. But as I've pointed out before, it's impossible to consent to anything while under duress. We're ALL under duress right now, so any consent obtained is illegal, immoral, and illegitimate.

Back to CNN...

"We will soon need to decide how to treat our fellow citizens who clear-eyed and consciously refuse to participate in the collective project of herd immunity."

Ominous. That's not a threat, or anything, right? That isn't meant to divide and frighten, right?

"They have objected to inoculation ever since the first vaccine against smallpox."

What? Now they're just getting silly. Not everybody who doesn't want a Covid vaccine would have been against the smallpox vaccine. Also, big pharma has changed in the past 100 years. Some people who trusted the smallpox vaccine, if alive today, might very well reject the Covid vaccines (which aren't even really vaccines).

Besides, these Covid products don't "inoculate". They are purposely blurring the terminology. Inoculate actually means to inject a disease into a person, in order to study that disease, or to stimulate resistance toward it. A lot of people think inoculate means "sterilize", but it's essentially the opposite - to infect.

"Some object that requiring vaccination violates individual rights. So does driving too fast, and all other of the regulations that make civilized metropolitan society possible. Safety is a right for the potential infected as well as the unvaccinated spreader. None of us live in splendid isolation."

So it's about metropolitan society? What if I want to live like a hermit? Can I opt out of this system, grab my gear, and take my family to a remote corner of the land, to start out on my own just like my ancestors did? No, they've made that illegal. I'm forced to remain here in town, surrounded by other humans. And soon, I'm going to be forced to accept a "vaccine" and "passport" so I can continue to participate in society, even if I don't want to.

And is safety really a right? Where is that written? Freedom actually IS a right, and is protected by the utmost laws of the land, such as the US Constitution, and the Canadian Charter of Rights and Freedoms. Safety is NOT a right. In fact, we are specifically told by the founding fathers of free societies that if we give up freedom for safety, we'll end up with neither.

"Citizens are no different from physicians; our first duty is to do no harm."

That's a funny example, since those physicians are pushing rushed and untested experimental gene therapies on the world, without knowing what potential side effects they have. And those products are already killing and injuring millions of people. How hypocritical of them to claim citizens need to accept harmful vaccines to uphold the Hippocratic oath!

"Those who reject the shot are a threat to others."

There we have it. CNN is encouraging the public to fear and hate people who haven't taken the Covid "vaccine". Incredible, but there it is in plain text.

"Covid is like a concealed pistol."

Give me a break! What loaded imagery - completely unprofessional propaganda.

"If Covid becomes endemic, needing vaccinations and boosters, it will be like other diseases we vaccinate against and require certification of."

So the vaccines and passports will go away if Covid does? That seems hopeful, but we have to remember, it is the state that determines when Covid goes away. They control the testing, which determines the numbers, and the numbers can be used to justify fear, lockdowns, and restrictions.

The promise that we will be freed once we put our head into the noose and allow it to be tightened around our necks is a lie. This isn't about our health, it's about our compliance, and the state never willingly gives up control once they've taken it.

Let's face facts

It's not really going to be 2 weeks to flatten the curve.

The 4th wave wasn't the final wave.

Vaccine passports aren't a baseless conspiracy theory.

CNN, the owned state media of the US government, has announced Liberty has been replaced by safety, and anyone who doesn't like it is a dangerous enemy. In another front-page propaganda-piece, they announce that vaccinated people should exclude unvaccinated people from their lives (and remain masked at all times because the vaccine doesn't stop transmission).

To say they are setting things up for an apartheid society is an understatement. It looks like they're setting things up for civil war and genocide.

The good news? We can still stop this, as evidenced by the failure of their contact tracking scheme. It begins with peaceful non-compliance of unjust and tyrannical orders. Liberty IS the answer to tyranny.


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