Canada close to PERMANENT lockdown over a handful of deaths!

This is Canada's "Second Wave" of covid-19 deaths:

Our first lockdown was overly harsh, and the devastating effects on our economy and society have only begun to be felt. Preventable deaths due to unnecessary shutdown of hospitals number in the thousands, and suicides have tripled. We had very few covid-19 deaths here in Canada, even at the peak of this viral pandemic, and our hospital system was hardly even burdened. Year-over-year deaths are the same in 2020 as they have been for decades. It was a nothingburger, and 99.99% of us wouldn't have even known covid existed if not for constant media coverage for the past 10 months.

When deaths went back down to almost zero, the lockdown was only partially lifted. We remain in a permanent state of emergency and the next lockdown is going to be permanent.

And the next lockdown will be whenever we get a "second wave", the powers-that-be tell us.

So when's the second wave and perma-lockdown?

If you measure by positive test results, we're there now. Thanks to record (and in some cases, forced) testing of the public, especially symptom-free people going about their lives, positive test results (aka "cases") are at an all-time high:

Variations on this theme are happening all around the world. Lockdowns, draconian at times, then a partial relaxing for a while, and then an unjustified brutal second (likely permanent) lockdown.

For example, in Ontario and Quebec, a "red zone alert" has been declared, and full martial law is implimented. Canadians are confined to their homes except for emergency reasons, with no unauthorized visitors, and warrantless searches, detainment, and treatment under the "Quarantine Act".

Here in British Columbia, we wonder when a sudden spike in testing - and positive cases - will result in the same thing being done here. We are at the whims of those who decide how much testing is done.


Sweden had no lockdown, and only minor restrictions, choosing to educate the public with all available knowledge about the virus, and allowing people to decide for themselves how to handle the risk. The Western mainstream media cajoled them for what they claimed would end up being a horrible and costly mistake.

But Sweden was right.

Here is an update on their death figures:

Where is Sweden's second wave?!?

Oh, if only we'd done things like Sweden! We could still have at least some of our freedom, our economy would be functioning, and covid-19 would be in our rearview mirror!

Instead, here in Canada and elsewhere we're focusing on cases, and using record testing to generate fear and justify further takeover of society.

In other news, have a great weekend.


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