Now we might need vaccine booster shots to combat Covid-19 mutations?!

According to mainstream news and the vaccine manufacturers, the virus keeps mutating, these mutations are dangerous, and new formulas are now being developed as quickly as possible. Three (or more) injections may now be required in order to be protected (and issued a digital "vaccination passport" for participation in society).

"Hopefully the vaccine will still be 70-80% effective," said Moderna.

"We need to be prepared," said Pfizer, "if a variant of SARS-CoV-2 shows evidence of escaping.. our vaccine."

Both companies are awaiting test results and will announce them to the public as soon as they can. With countless billions already changing hands, primarily printed from thin air, these companies now stand to gain further billions in profits, on a regular basis, with a captive market that is propagandized, pressured, coerced, forced, and tricked into accepting their product - at whatever price they put on it.

"We will test whether an additional booster dose of Covid-19 vaccine can help protect against emerging variants," announced Moderna. "We will need to generate data that gives confidence that any updated vaccine (booster) is safe and effective," was Pfizer's statement.

But then what?

If the virus keeps mutating, as all viruses do, won't there need to be new formulas, and boosters, every year?

And isn't that pretty much the same as the flu vaccines, which have been available for decades, and rarely work?

Did you hear that despite all the supposed plague and carnage, overall deaths were DOWN in 2020, and the flu completely disappeared?

Can anyone disprove anything above? Please, I welcome the scrutiny.

So for a virus that is basically just a bad flu, and not even as deadly as more-common viruses like EBV, most of the world has been locked down for 10 months, the global economy has been collapsed, and we're going to have to be vaccinated on a regular basis, or be outcast from society.

Please do lots of your own research from various sources before coming up with your own opinion, but here's a summary of mine:


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