Qurator's Monday Missions | Zipper Poetry ~ I AM A STUCK ZIPPER

Hello Hiveans! How are you, hope everyone is fine. Tomorrow Malaysia is going to be in full lockdown from 1st June onwards. I hope everything will be better, I pray our life will be better after this full lockdown takes place. Take care everyone, keep fighting and stay strong!

This is my entry for - Qurator's Monday Missions | Zipper Poetry!


Zip what?
Oh that one honey
I bought it for you
A designer handbag
Elegant and stylish for my classy baby
I hold the bag admiring it
Another gift for me?
Oh Maroon my favorite color
The zipper is fine
The zipper is smooth
Maybe I have become one?
A zipper that is stuck with you

ainie in blue.jpg

That's all for now, wishing you a beautiful day ~ Life is Beautiful.

The Best is yet to come, Keep Creating Keep Hiving!

Take care and Stay Blessed!

Yours truly,

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