What Will My Ego Need Today?

At the end of today, what will my ego feel comfortable with? How much will I have to “do” in order for it to justify itself and the identity it so carefully constructs and maintains?

How do my commitments to others and my labels and the money I’m paid for the value and time I give relate to this dynamic?

The one free of labels and structured commitments is fully free. Free to just be. No striving, no unmet expectations, no illusions that certain things are critically important when they might actually just be stories we tell ourselves to stay busy and pass the time in the Maya Matrix.

There are things to “do” today which create forward momentum towards goals or desired outcomes and some of those things are in flow, but most of them are not. If Dharma exists and there’s a path we walk that essentially collapses the wave form of possibility into one ideal, effective outcome, then all other approaches were various degrees of distraction. It’s easy to see why the stereotypical guru is simply sitting. No striving, no action, no desires or needs to be unmet. No worries, fears, or attachments. How enticing!

But no, action is part of this experience. The discipline to do the doing matters.

What I’m working through is how to create a reality around myself which is in alignment with my being. It won’t make perfect sense to others becuase we are all completely unique beings. As I try to hone in on this more, I think it clarifies why I so value DACs/DAOs (decentralized autonomous communities, companies, and organizations) and cryptocurrency uncontrolled by the State or central actor. These systems, when fully realized, can allow for redundancy, with active workers flowing into and out of the ideal flow state for their current role in the story. Fully alive, fully present, fully perfect with their unique contribution, rewarded by the community who benefits, not by arbitrary measurements of time or number of commits or contacts reached or deals closed, etc.

This is a strange process for me. If you have expectations of me professionally, relationally, or otherwise, please communicate them and I’ll do my best to let you know if they can be met within my flow state. That flow state is where my “beingness” resides. It’s where I feel less wrong. It’s where everything else including noise and illusion and distraction fades away.


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