Co-learning report of the second week / September 23rd

cryptoblogger presentation at edison with the students.jpeg

Weekend / September 18,19th:

On Saturday our teachers organised a little trip for us, so we went to a shopping center to explore the market. We spent there a few hours and then came back to our hotel. It started to rain on our way home, but we still enjoyed it.

On Sunday we went to Schönbrunn right after breakfast. We still didn’t make it on time, so we were waiting there for an hour to get in. It was worth waiting the hour, because the end of our sightseeing tour turned out to be very interesting. The palace is very beautiful.

Schönbrunn fountain students.jpeg

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Monday / September 20th:

In the morning we had a health security issue. Few of us were feeling sick so they stayed at the hotel. They went for cov-19 testing which (gratefully) came out negative. By the time they went to check that, the rest of us had already started working at Edison's 1st floor co working space. It's a wonderful room to learn and produce content. Christoph @manncpt presented us the cryptoblogging workshop about publishing on the Hive blockchain (this nice social media token based platform). After our lunch break everyone continued their work on their tasks.

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Tuesday / September 21st

At 11 a. m. we had another presentation at Edison, but this day it was by Werner @schmidi. The presentation was about open mindedness, lifestyle and how to change perspective. It was really interesting, but it was also difficult to understand what Werner was saying, because english is not our first language. But Alex could translate it for everyone. After lunch Christoph gave us a little task for the next day. We should explore the city more and visit Cafe Phil and Cafe Sperl, because they are typical Viennese coffee houses, one modern one traditional. The boys did some workout after a successful day. 💪

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Wednesday / September 22nd:

Our task for that day was to collaborate in remote working groups. The weather was rainy so most of us just continued with their projects at the hotel or wrote Jean @jnmarteau what they should do next. In the afternoon the weather got a little bit better and some of us went outside of the hotel to explore the streets around the 2nd district.

walking through the city rebecca and samuel.jpeg

Thursday / September 23rd:

Today we are meeting at Edison like usual from 10 a.m -2 p.m to come together, check what everybody is doing, gather feedback and answer questions. We are also publishing our weekly report. Hope you like it.

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The basis of the group report text was written by Veronika Šinkovičová, then it was enriched by Dominika Rudolfová & Alex Tóth and published on the hive blockchain with the help of @manncpt. The other students on the pictures are: István Balász, Alexa Tóth, Mária Ivanová, Branislav Blaško, Adam Prešinský, Adam Javor, Patrik Lörincz, Martin Indrišek, Rebeka Trešňáková, Sofia Kačániová, Samuel Bagocký, Samuel Bittarovský, Hana Kováčová, Hana Jurigová, Liana Filová, Nadežda Glovňová, Radoslav Zeleňák, Sandra Sedláková, Reni Svajda and Viktória Vékony.

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