Co-learning report of the 1st week / September 16th

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Weekend / September 11,12th: We took the bus on Saturday in Slovakia and drove to Vienna. At 9:40 p.m we arrived at our hotel. The rooms were not ready yet, so we had to wait in the lobby. We got to know each other watching movies. At the end of the long day we saw the rooms and unpacked our things. Then we went for a little night walk in the center.

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On Sunday it was mostly a free day for us. After breakfast we went for lunch. At 4 p.m we had a meeting with our teachers. They gave us cards for bus and metro… The boys went to the gym for the first time. After dinner we went out to explore some new places and basically that was our whole day.

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Monday / September 13th: We had breakfast as always. Then we had a meeting with Peter who gave us orientation. He introduced our main tutor Christoph @manncpt at the lounge of our hotel, Meininger. We scheduled our meeting with Jean @jnmarteau, who is also a co-founder of the @globalschool and he introduced his projects to us. We all chose from 4 different projects that divided us into smaller teams. He also gave us a little homework to write a motivation letter or make a presentation. Some people already started doing that on the same day in the park.

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Tuesday / September 14th: When we came to Edison at 10 a.m we started introducing ourselves to Christoph. During the time we were working on our marketing proposals, @manncpt interviewed us all individually, like @jnmarteau did the day before remotely. The fourth group was a little bit stressed, because they didn´t really know what their project was about. They spoke with Christoph and Jean to clear things up more and eventually got to a closure together with our great new team leaders Alex & Dominika.

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Wednesday / September 15th: We started our work in the Campus of the University of Vienna, it's a beautiful place to work outside. On this day we came back to Edison later, because @manncpt was negotiating with the place owner that we can work the next weeks here. We love the room in the first floor. We were creating and finalising our presentations and most of us scheduled a meeting with Jean to present their results to him.

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Thursday / September 16th: Most of us were still finalising our projects for Jean but those who were already ready, decided to take a few hours of rest. Well rested, fed and ready, we all headed to Edison again at 2:00 p.m, where we decided to write the group report and at the end some of us were challenged to a dance off!

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Friday / September 17th: Tomorrow we will explore the city further in remote working groups & produce creative content in parks and public spaces like the Danube canal, where are some of the graffiti's of the city. Next week we will be on Monday, Tuesday and Thursday from 10-2 at Edison, again. If you want to participate our co-learning experience just contact our tutors.

PS: We heard from @opt2o that there is a newcomer on the hive blockchain: @pink-apple please give him a warm welcome! The next #HiveMeetupVienna will be announced soon, too. Stay tuned. Thank you for your votes, reblogs and comments! 🙃

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The basis of the group report text was written by Veronika Šinkovičová, then it was enriched by Dominika Rudolfová & Alex Tóth and published on the hive blockchain with the help of @manncpt. The other students on the pictures are: István Balász, Alexa Tóth, Mária Ivanová, Branislav Blaško, Adam Prešinský, Adam Javor, Patrik Lörincz, Martin Indrišek, Rebeka Trešňáková, Sofia Kačániová, Samuel Bagocký, Samuel Bittarovský, Hana Kováčová, Hana Jurigová, Liana Filová, Nadežda Glovňová, Radoslav Zeleňák, Sandra Sedláková, Reni Svajda and Viktória Vékony.

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