Help flatten the curve! Keep at least 6 feet from Covid-19 vaccines!

CNN is blaming online "anti-vaccine" activists, skeptics, and bloggers for increased Covid deaths, a surge in cases, the lockdowns, the masks, and the entire pandemic itself. They now claim that "fake news" and a conspiracy of outright lies are leading to confusion, distrust, and declining vaccination demand. They say this in turn is causing increased cases, hospitalizations, deaths, and a resulting tightening of lockdowns and other restrictions. In short, they're trying to save the world, but we're causing trouble by asking questions, and the suffering about to be unleashed upon us is our fault.

It was just a few weeks ago CNN and Melinda Gates told us "vaccine disinformation equals death!", stating "if you don't do the right things to keep yourself safe, you or a loved one may die!"

My belief is that we MUST question authority, or we're already completely up for grabs, and nothing else matters. If we can't ask questions about the vaccine, then we're already slaves, we're already hopelessly lost. And if we don't have free speech (and we don't) then we've lost even the ability to complain about our mistreatment.

The mainstream media and government (basically the same thing) are so smug in their ability to shift blame for the pandemic AND response onto the victims, the people, that Fauci is now admitting he's probably responsible for untold suffering and deaths. Just like the vaccine companies themselves, he's untouchable, and flaunting it.

I wrote a post here with a TON of info about the vaccine, and dozens of links to sources, to help people begin their independent research on this important topic.

So who to believe? CNN and the state media machine, who repeatedly assert the vaccine is "safe and effective", or a skeptical public?

Their position is "what we say is true and everything else is a lie".

My position is "here's what I think, and here's some information from various independent sources, decide for yourself".

They advocate ignorance and obedience.

I advocate logic and the scientific method.

They shut down debate.

I welcome it.

The article says "27% of Americans say they probably or definitely would NOT get a shot, even if they were free and deemed safe". So how are we supposed to get to 90% vaccinated to achieve herd immunity, as Fauci now admits is necessary? It's impossible, and that's the unspoken problem with the official narrative - there's no way it can succeed.

The global vaccine strategy has been DESIGNED to fail.

The "war" (as they're referring to it) is meant to be waged, not won. Power is not a means; it is an end.

What might happen, is CNN articles like this one escalate, and eventually begin to call for action against anyone not going along with the official narrative. That's a clear tool of communist regimes through history. And if you read the article, they're pretty much there, already.

There's always rationale to censor free speech, remove rights, and ban protest. Tyranny always has an excuse.

Now, for the funny part!

I posted this in Comedy for a reason. :)

Right now we have to find a laugh, chuckle, or smile anywhere we can. Here's my take on "flattening the curve". Enjoy!

For real, though.


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