Introducing MMH Productions

Hello! My name is Matthew Mark Hunter, owner and creative mastermind of the award winning horror film company, MMH Productions of over 130 films since 2017. I am also the creator of two YouTube Kids Shows, Matthew and Ophelia's Wonderful World of Fun and Edgar and Vespera's Spooky Storytime. I also am a Scouting Merit Badge Counselor and certified to trach Photography, Movie Making, and Theater to any Scouts from age 12-17.





Besides creating a load of film content and helping many people out on how to be a filmmaker, I also run an Interview segment where I talk to other filmmakers in the area and outside the country. I also am a host of a horror podcast with John Catheline called Midnight Movie Madness!

I hope you all enjoy this crazy and fun content I plan to bring to G1NBC and a lot more info can be found on my with the locations.

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