For some time now, a very difficult situation has been presented in Venezuela. In various aspects, our country has seen very badly, especially in terms of economic matters. The situation is so strong that you can see how the government institutions themselves do not have the means or the tools to help the population. This problem is not perceived as easy to solve and while, the inhabitants of the communities, become frustrated and increase the levels of unhappiness.

I do not intend to go deeper into what every Venezuelan knows. However, it was necessary to give a brief explanation of the context in which the activities related to this post have been developed. Well, as many should know, the community where @ropavejero resides is a sector called Chupadero and there live the same problems as in the whole country. For this reason, it was the initiative to take the steemit platform to the communities. For a few months, I have carried out this task to the best of my ability.


In that order of ideas, convinced that the union is strength and that our population needs organization to achieve common dreams. The inhabitants of the community where I live were invited to an assembly to start organizing. So in that small meeting, we established a series of proposed activities and actions to follow to improve our common livability. Sincerely, I considered that to carry out this meeting, could generate certain inconveniences, but it was the opposite and it was carried out in an environment of cordiality.

Of course, when everyone arrived at the meeting place, I went to them and explained to them exactly what the meeting was about and how we could all benefit. All the people were able to offer solutions to various problems that affect us in common, such as the theme of street lighting, garbage collection, repair of some tools; in short, some problems arose and their solution. The meeting was really fruitful and everyone showed interest because they are part of the solution.

It is impossible to deny that we have an urgent economic need to solve the problems, however, if all the families put their hands to the work, I am sure that the solutions can be given without the need for excessive spending. For this reason, it was established to provide an economic contribution (minimum) per family to contribute to the various actions that will be developed within the street with respect to the solution of the problems. And with the first contribution, the first community action was successfully carried out.


Because government entities do not have to provide the urban cleaning service, this was the first management that was satisfactorily achieved. Well, one Sunday early in the morning, each organized family took out the trash in front of their house and with the support of the same inhabitants of the street, was placed in the truck that provided the service to move the garbage to the place where it corresponds to discard. It is necessary to note, that the money collected among the families, was like repairing a rubber truck, since the truck is my property and as they already know the clothes seller, this was one more contribution for my community.

As you have been able to perceive, you can do what we propose without having to wait for the governmental entities, only with a minimum of effort. And imagine, as this kind of thing causes a great effect among the inhabitants, for example, and other streets are organizing and requesting support to do a similar job, as they observed how this small management has generated satisfaction for all. In the coming days, we hope to specify other actions more and of course, as far as I can, I will let you know.

I hope that, just as this activity was successfully achieved, other communities can implement it and together we can become aware that nothing can be done alone, but we achieve it with the help of all. Our Venezuela needs people like you, a dreamer and capable of achieving what you set out to do. I invite you to be an agent of change, to be a life worker ... Thank you!!!

To those who support these activities inside and outside the platform, I thank you infinitely: @fulltimegeek, @anomadsoul, @enginewitty, @ enrique89, @crisangel, among others, as well as the @votovzla team, @reveur, @provenezuela, between others.

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