Greetings to all Steminians who can read me.

As you can see, I have not written for a long time because I have a very complex situation with the health of my mother. For 3 months I have been quite busy with the attention and support to the woman who has given me life. However, Ropavejero does not stop helping more people. In this case, I will review a contribution to 2 institutions who have requested support regarding office materials.

For some time, I have had contact with a woman who is the mother of a great friend. This woman, who has been a teacher for many years, is part of the Steeminian community like @aibeluz and who, seeing the possibility of providing a solution to institutions in the community where she lives, raises the possibility of specifying support for the OR. E. Fe y Alegría School "Caruto" and the Popular Medical Office "Dr. José Gregorio Hernández " with some office materials.


1.- Institution: Colegio Fe y Alegría Educational Unit "Caruto".
Parish: Caicara del Orinoco.
Address: Calle Rubén J. Alcalá. San Rafael neighborhood. Cedeño Municipality. Caicara del Orinoco-Bolivar State.
Phone: 0284-6667354.

Historical Review

The Fe y Alegría Educational Unit "Caruto", was founded in 1995; in the Eñapá Indigenous Community, Minas del Guaniamo sector, to serve the communities: Perro de Agua and San Vicente, under the responsibility of the Sisters of Our Lady of Consolation. Its name is due to the fruit "Caruto", which occurs in the area and is very popular with the natives.

In view of the low enrollment that existed and the constant emigration of indigenous people to other areas of the Municipality, the sisters request the Civil Association Fe y Alegría Guayana, the transfer of the school to the capital of the Cedeño Municipality, specifically to Caicara del Orinoco , in the Barrio San Rafael de Castillero, where they saw the need to open a school for children in need, in order to provide an education based on human and Christian values, through a comprehensive educational process. So, change the location of Fe y Alegría "Caruto", on October 15, 2003, located in Rubén J. Alcalá Street, in the old María Rosa Molas Indigenous Assistance House in the San Rafael neighborhood, in the town of Caicara del Orinoco, General Manuel Cedeño Municipality, Bolívar State.

Bordered by the North: IRFA Training Center (Fe y Alegría Radiophonic Institute), South: Rubén J. Alcalá Street, East: UDO Piscícola Station (Universidad de Oriente), West: CECAL: Labor Training Center, which worked until 2013 as the Nuclearized Workshop Center Our Lady of Light APEP.

Vision And Mission:

The Educational Unit Colegio "Fe y Alegría Caruto" is an institution with an evangelizing mission where values ​​are lived, being a school in continuous growth and innovative according to the demands of society, and inserting itself more and more into the concrete reality of man, in his world and culture that promotes justice and human rights, showing the world his being in God, Father of Mercy and Consolation.

The Educational Unit Colegio "Fe y Alegría Caruto" is an Educational Institution that identifies itself as a Catholic School, inserted in the educational pastoral of the Church with identity of popular education in the Charism of Consolation and under the dependence of the Congregation of the Sisters of Our Lady of Consolation.

The help for this institution is due to the preschool classrooms in which some materials are urgently needed for the good performance of teaching by teachers. Among these are: plasticine, cold paint, brushes, reams of leaves, sticks, blunt tip scissors, wax crayons, stamen, crepe paper, bond paper, pencil crayons, construction block, primer, stories, colored markers , baking wire, needles, transparent tirro, adhesive tape, silicon, white glue.


The Popular Medical Office project "Dr. José Gregorio Hernández ", works in Caicara del Orinoco in the state of Bolívar, in the San Rafael Pastoral Center of the San Rafael neighborhood, located on Enrique Juliagarcía Street, in an area that shares with the Fe y Alegría Educational Unit" El Caruto "and the CTN, each institution in its space and operate independently. It was born out of the concern of a group of brothers belonging to the Ntra. Sra. De La Luz parish; those motivated by the diploma D ... S ... I ... C ... (DSIC) carried out in 2014, formulated the aforementioned project as a proposal, to the competent authorities.

Today, thanks to God and the Diligent work of the authorities involved in this social work consolidated the proposal, for the month of July 2015, it has been operating for three years, with certain limitations, but its humanitarian nature has been well received in the General Municipality Manuel Cedeño With regard to medical care, the consultants are assisted by the following specialists: Dr. Ramón Arturo García, specialist in Cardiology, Internist and Diabetologist. Dr. Mary Medina, specialist in Nephrology. Dr. Junny Macabril, specialist in Gynecology; people of great human quality, who have one morning or one afternoon a week, to care for patients. In addition, they have the voluntary participation of Integral Community Doctors and nursing staff.

In this regard, it should be noted that none of the professionals of the Health Sciences receive fees for their service and the medicines that the patients receive are free distribution, under the control of the Lcda. Marly Franco, who keeps a clinical record or medical history of each patient. The materials needed by the aforementioned medical unit have to do with office materials such as: pens, reams of leaves, graphite pencils, pencil sharpeners, glue, among others. As you will have seen, both institutions are located in the town of Caicara del Orinoco, this is a parish of the Bolívar state. In this way, the lady @aibeluz who lives in the sector, is the one who has supported the delivery of this material for these institutions.

The office materials have been acquired, thanks to the support in donations from the Steeminians named below: @fulltimegeek 39.00 steem
@snook 7,500 steem
@enginewitty 2,00 stem
For a total of 48,500 steem.

At this time I must point out, that these donations were made about 2 and 3 months respectively as you can see in the purse (See image), however, due to the problems I mentioned, it was a few days ago that I was able to acquire the purchases respectively and the delivery of materials once.


The photos above indicated, are people who are part of the team of @Votovzla, mainly because the city where I live to the city of Caicara is approximately 20 hours on the road and for the situations indicated above I can not move to the place. Therefore, I got with the friend @cesar.oat and @wilbertmh who are part of the great team of @votovzla with whom I maintain excellent relationship and thanks to them who are closer to the city of Caicara, you can make delivery of the materials (soon I will explain the delivery) .

To all those who have supported the clothing project, I apologize for the downtime. Maybe they could think that some scam has been made or that they have simply lost the principles of this beautiful project, for those who have thought so, because I have nothing more to say; The times and activities that I had been carrying out have simply escaped my hands, due to situations such as those of my mother and with which I am still looking for a definitive improvement. So I have not stopped helping, just that the order of priority has changed with the health of my mother .

To conclude, I would like to thank all those who could contribute a bit with these institutions and for which I am grateful from all my heart…. People like @fulltimegeek whom I take the opportunity to congratulate on their initiative to be part of the steem chain through their contribution as a Witness. To the friend @anomadsoul who has always been supporting the initiative that I carry out ... To @snook who made an important support for the achievement of this donation ... @enginewitty who has made donations to this initiative, thanks to the friend @crisangel who has done what possible to contribute and support this initiative clothing ...

Of course to the teams of @votovzla whom I take the opportunity to congratulate for the important donation they have received from @fulltimegeek with which I am sure it will be of great help to many Venezuelans ...

To the team of @reveur, @provenezuela, among others .--- In short, to all those real life junkies, like @shikamaru, @luis07, @crisangel, @paokarinat, @jayoxaju and others that may not come to me the memory at this moment ...

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