Greetings to all and all ... In advance, I must point out that for reasons of health of my mother, I have been a little absent from the platform ... However, today I will use to write a little more .. This is a translation made with the help of Google Translator.

For a few days, the friend @fulltimegeek with a donation of several steem, has allowed me to make several donations to different institutions, which until now have been published in previous posts and which have benefited a large number of people directly or indirect As you already know, I am involved with social aid and this is the part that has made me feel very good with the platform. So I bring you a new donation, although actually this donation was made about 2 weeks ago, it is at this moment that I will mention it for what I already said about my mother's health.


For some time, the coordinator of this school in the municipality of El Socorro, in Guarico state, mentioned the need for a painting for one of the walls. According to the profa Maria Pignone, the school is about 2 years old without having the painting placed and that having heard about the clothes of a ragman, she made the request for it. In that sense, in view of the contribution made by @fulltimegeek, the contribution was made with a gallon of paint so that he could place the wall that needed it the most.

As you will see below, she received the painting and summoned one of the representatives to give the execution of said painting. It is necessary to note that in Venezuela (for those who are not from here) we are in a holiday period, that is, the educational tasks have a rest of approximately 1 month and a half. However, thanks to the efforts of the aforementioned coordinator, it was possible to conclude with this small but significant dream. Of course, with this type of attitude it is demonstrated that if you want, you can and now when you start activities again, the children will be able to enjoy a much better environment for their studies.

On this occasion, the beneficiary school has a student enrollment of about 100 boys and girls, who have disabilities and deserve the best possible care. That is why this dream becomes very significant, because these children need a much deeper understanding and that is what the teachers of this school are looking for.

To conclude, I only have to thank deeply people like @fulltimegeek, @anomadsoul, @abigail-dantes, @elteamgordo, among others for their great contribution to this initiative ...

In addition to my fellow clothes-clothes workers, @crisangel, @luis07, @shikamaru, @paokarinat, @jayoxaju who are always contributing to the achievement of more and more dreams ...

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