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For quite some time now, I have been working with the Educational Clothes Trader initiative. This has allowed many solutions to educational problems. Of course, this experience has allowed me to reach not only the schools, but also people or other institutions to contribute to a quick solution without protocols or institutional intermediaries that becomes very long and tedious. In this sense, this time I will show what has been achieved in an educational institution that only waited for the hand of Obra to solve one of its problems.

On this occasion, it is a contribution through the Christian "EMAUS" community led by Pastor Edison Pérez. This Christian community lives in El Socorro, Socorro municipality of the Guárico state and among its functions, is to contribute within the municipality, with the various institutions of the municipality, in addition to social work of any kind within the communities and various sectors of the municipality. In this sense, this "EMAUS" community was working with children from "Sal Si Puedes" from El Socorro, where they were supported with various activities sports and/or social assistance for the families of these children.

Pastor Edison Pérez, during a conversation with me, tells me that at the School of "Sal Si Puedes" a series of activities were being carried out and that they needed a ball for the children to play at Football. Of course, without hesitation I offer my support for this social contribution and we are in a next meeting. Later, we met again to finalize details and he expressed that the Ball for the boys was already solved. Thus, we talked for a long time to explain about the steemit platform and what he had been doing through it.

This conversation surprised me a lot, since I've known this person for a long time and to know him, I thought I could be skeptical like many other people when I talk to them about steemit. However, during the conversation, he himself was doing the steps on his computer and once, he requested his registration on the platform and I even facilitated the discord application so he could get to know more people, that is, during that conversation, He signed up and could understand a little about the platform immediately. This was pleasing to me, since it was the first person who got so excited; immediately.


Precisely, in this conversation is when Mr. Edison, tells me that when doing activities within the aforementioned School, the director of the same; He asked for his support regarding the construction of a piece of wall for the place that functions as a dining room, because on several occasions the delinquents had taken their food. This is because they break the bars and later, they enter the premises to steal the food. So, in view of such situation, the Christian community through Edison Pérez got down to work and with it followed part of the cement and the blocks that they needed. However, all that was needed was the payment of labor and the purchase of a bag of cement.

Of course, we established that I would support him in what was missing and I even went personally to the school to observe what was needed and in fact, I was able to know the situation firsthand. Therefore, the necessary collaboration was provided to Edison for the acquisition and payment of what was needed to give an immediate response to this problem. Knowing the responsibility that characterizes this Evangelical Pastor, we agreed to make the necessary transfers for the indicated payment and thus could be built what was needed.

What was intended, was to change a fence that was at the top of the room, to build (and close) a wall by which, could not easily access the criminals and thus, protection in that area would be higher. We must remember that our students are occasionally benefited by the food that arrives at the institutions and if they are stolen, many of these children go through serious difficulties regarding their food. To show this, here is a series of before and after images of what was done:



Como can realize, the steemit platform is excellent to build not only bonds of brotherhood, but to contribute with great social work. Well as it turned out, this is a Christian community and thanks to the contribution of steemit it was possible to carry out an important solution to a school, but it could also be in other community aspects of society. That is, in my particular, the contribution that steemit makes to society, is not only to earn SBD or STEEM to sell or buy (which is important) but, led to a community contribution in which the company benefits from the solution to problems of institutions. For example, this is a school that serves more than 800 students at the basic level and is one of the largest schools in El Socorro.

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