Hive HardFork 25 - news, work and recaps

Hardfork 25 is scheduled for sometime in JUNE of 2021 and here are posts that deal with coding updates and ask questions and many posts that share what they think some of those changes will mean for Hive users and platforms. Many of these posts are very technical and this should be considered an ADVANCED hive post.


Here is the OFFICIAL announcement together with a predicted date for the HF and a great recap of the new changes.

How to handle HBD before the hard fork. For HBD holders

A very technical document to help developers with hf25

Thoughts on HBD stabilization mechanisms and thoughts on Curation reward changes and thoughts on higher HBD apr idea from blocktrades


Thouhts on how curation rewards may work after HF25
How the move from convergent curve to a more linear curve for curation rewards may impact things after HF25

Updates on work done and Discussion of RC pools and waiting for this soft fork after hard fork

A discussion about what's being worked on recently for HF and other databases and a discussion about changing use cases of keys and discussion about RC pools

A recap of what was worked on recently and discussion about recurrent transfers and a change to proposal payout. But much of the discussion about communities which is not part of hardfork work.

Updates for work done on HF25 like ability to change proposal end date, recurrent transfer work, recovery account change and work on RC delegations


A show going through all the upcoming features

Details of the testnet for hf25

Another update for work done by blocktrades including a new complimentary project "HAF"

Not tons of updates but lots of focus on testnet for hf25. Also release date tentative for June 30

A long and thorough post about tons of preparation for hf25. Finishing with section about testnet

More recent work preparing for the June HardFork

New work done.. Launching testnet and projecting late June official launch.

Details about launching the Testing environment for HF25... lots of separate codes that need to be updated to work with HF25

A thorough list of all the changes happening in HF25 done by Blocktrades

Governance vote work done and discussion of curation reward calculations. HBD conversions. Goal of mid month freeze to get ready for HF and run testnet for at least one month.

A change to code to allow Hive to be converted into HBD and how this may stabilize HBD

A quick addition proposed that can be added to HF before freeze... changing so APR goes to HBD only in savings.

Getting ready for the release of HF25 and doing some testing on Recurring Transfers and building some features for post hf25

A great recap of what the USER can expect from HF25 changes.

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