Back in hunting Larry!

Hello, there! How are you? I hope that you are fine. I am fine too, Alhamdulillah. After considering all the facts in hand, I finally decided to resume my Larry hunting job. Here we go!

We know that Larry now has 6 hiding places. To complete the task, we need to find him 5 out of 6 places. I don't have time to play hide and seek with Larry in all the places. So, I will try one or two places only (now at least). Later if time permits, I will expand my search territory.

In Listnerds

As I was already registered there, I read a few emails in the listnerds after a long time. That gave me one winning in hunting Larry. Here is the proof:

My favourite hive project/program

One of the hive projects I am a fan of is the LOLZ project, run by @captaincryptic. We can farm (earn) $LOLZ token by delegating $HIVE and/or other second-layer hive tokens. Currently, the project supports a total of 23 tokens, including $HIVE. So, if you have those tokens in your hive-engine wallet sitting idle, you can delegate those to the LOLZ project and earn daily $LOLZ tokens.

  • My $LOLZ wallet: 12500 $LOLZ staked.
  • In the Headliners list: I am at number 5!

Okay. It is all for now. Thanks for stopping by. See you next time :)

Written by @hafiz34

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