Featuring Documental Cannábicas

This documentary hits home for me:

The inspiration behind its creation was much the same as that which inspired me to work together with my female colleagues to co-found LERN Herstory.

The War on the Substance Supply (i.e., it's not the War on Drugs, because that would imply stopping the substance supply, it's merely a war over who gets to control the supply of substances) adversely affects women globally. ±80% of women in prisons worldwide are there for nonviolent usually "drug"-related offences. After all, for what other reason could you find to put a woman in prison? We commit less than 10% of the homicides in the world, and usually, it's done in self-defense.

Therefore, in order to elevate the status of women world over, it is imperative we end the War on the Substance Supply. It serves no one, not men either, and especially not women. It rips apart families and tears apart the fabric of our communities and societies. It must end, and globally, women are standing up, standing together, and standing strong in our demand for reform at every level.

Thank you to all those who participated in the creation of this incredibly important documentary. Please follow and support these women across their various platforms. Thank you for tuning in, and I'm looking forward to continuing this conversation.

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