Tent Update


The Big Mack F2, Im dubbing this the blue pheno

What's up Weed Nerds! Great news. Inspection is over with, and I am back in the saddle. Noting crazy, I just do not want anybody to come in my house and see a big tent, and probably in their mind I am running a huge operation. Yeah I am very candid here, but none of you no where I live, so there's that. So what did I do? I just pulled out all the plants, and put into our walk in closet, and set the dehumidifier, along with a fan. The whole tent came down. Setting it up is not fun. But this time I set it up near a window, and now able to pipe the air outside. All I can say is, why did I not do this before! Now I am running at 74 degrees, with the light on 80% power. I may go ahead and crank up this to at least 90% power, possibly 100%. All I have to do now is keep humidity in the desired range. Which is fairly easy in my neck of the woods. The light on at night dries the air the tent below 50%, then during the day, the dehumidifier sucks the moisture out of the air.

It has only been 2 days since last update, and there has been some great growth!


  • Top left: Helena x Pbb
  • Middle top: Helena x Pbb
  • Top right: Dirty Little Secret
  • Middle left: Dirty little Secret
  • Middle: #5gallonchallenge Helena x Pbb
  • Middle right: The Monster Cropped F1 Big Mack that was (Banana Punch x Mac and Cheese)
  • Bottom left: Rainbow Chip
  • Second to the left: The Big Mack F2
  • Second to the right: The Big Mack F2, AKA; The Blue Pheno
  • Right bottom: Rainbow Chip


The Big Mack F2

Last round I had some huge setbacks. Mainly from humidity. I was running around 30% humidity for a few weeks straight. Dealing with Powered Mildew when I first started to grow, 30% humidity gave me relief. I actually thought it was a good thing. Well it was not good at all. In fact it straight up killed 3 of my plants! Yeah I know, total rookie mistake.

Well after getting some advice from fellow @bifbeans growers, I decided to take a few cuts from my F1 Banana Punch x Mac and Cheese teens, and then decided to compost them, and start from scratch again. This is when I added a humidifier into my tent. Then I had a drastic improvement. I did still have a few plants that where sick from the early days of low humidity, but I also grew some of the best plants of my grow journey. Fast forward to this current grow, and I have implemented everything I have learned into it. I still have a long journey to go, but I do know that this is my best grow to date.

There where some times I thought I never would be able to grow at the level I am currently at. But I always stuck with it, and always want to learn what I can. Although my best learning is trial and error. My point here is not to brag, because trust me, I have nothing to brag about, shit is not perfect. I do not know everything. My point is to inspire. That has always been my goal from when I started to post regular updates here, to get other to grow their own, and share with us here on the Block Chain.

So since Monday I did add some NPK, which is from the Roots Organics, Buddha Grow, Buddha Bloom, and Trinity. This was mixed 24 before hand, and I put an Air Stone to it for 12 hours. PH was at a 5.7. Roots Organics recommends a Ph of 5.5-6.4.

Pulling all the plants out was not as bad as I thought. I just put a sticky not on them to let me know which place to put them back.

I also cleaned the fan blades, along with the inside of the tent with disinfectant.


Pulling out the plants, I got a better angle from my 5 Gallon contender. This thing is a beast! At least as far as indoor growing goes.

So far out of all the plants, The Blue Pheno Big Mack is impressing me the most. I have a felling she is going to give off a nice fall fade. If you recall from the F1's, it almost looked like a Calico Cat. I am not getting any terp profiles just yet. But I do suspect here in a week or so, I will start to see some. I just talked to one of the best growers out there on IG, and he said that I could use Dr. Enzyems till finish. Not so sure I want to spray close to finish, but I would like to spray one more time. Just to be safe. I saw a quote that stuck with me, "An oz of IPM, is worth a pound of cure." Can not argue with that, especially since mold will be the only thing that will fuck up this round of grow for me. I am no where near out of the woods yet. In fact, it has just begun. So stay tuned my friends, and watch and see. Will I come out a winner, or will I lose it all................................................

To be continued




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