Networking and Engagement on Hive

Most newbies don't realise and and fail to recognise the importance of engagement on Hive. Good quality content is important on Hive, but if no one knows about you, your great content can easily be lost in the Hive blockchain. Engage with people to build your network, and make yourself known to others.
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@galenkp offers some tips on good engagement on Hive in this post. It's fair to say he knows a thing or two about engagement and network as he hosts a #weekend-engagement topic every week to encourage people to comment and engage with others. The comments normally exceeds a few hundred every week and is a great way to meet new people.

The Hive Engagement League is managed by @abh12345 and is a great way to monitor how well your engagement level is on Hive. Anyone can request to join.

@nickyhavey shares his experience about how to grow your account and includes a list of useful communities to join

@sidwrites talks about how to create quality engagement to build quality relationships.

Another good way to engage and build your network is on Discord. @livinguktaiwan gives some do's and don't tips for engaging to Discord.

If you come across any post that will be a useful addition to @newbies-guide, you are welcome to suggest them to us on our Discord channel They can either be written by yourself or somebody else. You won't get any rewards for your suggestion but the post author will get rewards if we include them in the Collections. Plus you will be helping out newbies on Hive, and that's what matters!!!

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