A story about one of the rock bands of the post-Soviet period. "Chizh and Co"

A little bit about who Chizh is.
He was such a thin, neat guy, talkative in the company (unlike concerts, where apart from "Good evening", "Thank you" and "Goodbye" for the whole concert from him, you rarely hear). Marijuana indulged in, did not use heavy drugs
Since 1989, Chizh has played in the group "Different people", which was then considered the best rock band in Kharkov, and its leader Alexander Chernetsky was much more popular than Sergei Chiragakov, until 1990 Chernetsky got into hospital with an old back injury, and took its place Chizh. Chernetsky gravitated toward heavy rock blues,
and Chigrakov to the melodic and lyrical blues,
and recorded without Chernetsky in 1991, the album "Boogie-Kharkov", consisting almost entirely of the songs of Chizh, became popular.
Returning to the group after the treatment, Chernetsky saw a picture that he did not like: people go to concerts of Chizha, and "Different people" are increasingly acting as accompanists, and this can not continue for so long. In late 1993, Chizh, with the support of Boris Grebenshchikov, recorded his first solo album in St. Petersburg, which became a "hit" briefly returned to Kharkov,
and then in 1994 moved to St. Petersburg, finally, typing there the group "Chizh and Co."

Different people quarreled, then reconciled, and when in 1999 Chernetsky moved to St. Petersburg, then Chizh (by that time already became a megastar) willingly began to perform in his group "Different people" usual session guitarist. Then there was another joke: "I do not know who Chernetsky is, but Chizh himself plays the guitar in his band. "

"Vysotsky said that these poets die early. When I was 32 years old, I thought that this was probably for me too ... I made great efforts, but nothing happened. Therefore, I am not a true poet "

Chizh did not die in 1996, after he wrote his best songs and correctly did it - it's better to be "not a real poet", but alive than "a real poet" and dead.
Chizh has not written new songs for a long time, answering journalists' questions about the same way: "But who needs them!"
For five years of fruitful creativity in Kharkov and Petersburg, Chizh has written a sufficient number of really good songs, so that they are enough for the rest of the concert life. And from these concerts and the apartment is enough, and for furniture, and alcohol with a snack, and all past and future alimony.
Do listeners need new songs? That's what happened at the concert "Chizh & Co" in Lipetsk - the fans demanded to sing one of the group's hits, Chizh refused, and then one of them threw a plastic bottle into the singer, hitting it in the head.
Fans come to the concert, and wait for the musicians of their favorite hits - and other songs, they can listen at home. It is clear that musicians are bored to perform the same songs for many years, and they want to make the program a bit different.
On the other hand, constant fans,
who constantly go to the concerts of their favorite performers,
bored to listen to the same thing. And rare visitors really want to witness a live performance, entirely consisting of hits.
Where to find the golden mean?

The photos were taken from the Internet archives

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