The Beauty of Ashoka flowers and health benefits

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In this morning I want to share the photo of Ashoka flowers and health benefits.


Ashoka flower is an ornamental plant originating from India, this plant consists of stems, twigs and flowers. It has many benefits for health. Flowers that have a red and yellow color has an important nutritious substances for the health of the human body. In tediri there are substances such as iron, tannin substances, organic substances to hematoxylin substances, which are used as a neutralizing toxins in the body.


Important nutrients contained in this flower is widely used to mix various herbal remedies. Here are some benefits of soka for health.

Ashoka Flower for Hemorrhoid Medication

For those of you who suffer from hemorrhoid pain can try to use asoka flowers as an alternative herbal medicine. How to meramunya also quite easy, you just need to clean the asoka flowers and then mashed until smooth. Then boil the crushed leaves with a glass of water. After boiling lift and drink while still warm. This method is considered powerful for treating hemorrhoids as well as dysentery.

Asoka Flower As A Drug Bruise

For those of you who have suffered bruises marks fall or hit by blunt objects can use asoka asoka medicine. But to treat the wound is not only use asoka flowers but mixed with other herbal ingredients.

Prepare asoka flowers along with the leaves then mixed with the ingredients of the leaves of the gods and roses that have dried. Wash all the ingredients until clean and then boiled with water as much as 600 cc. Boil until water is left half. Kemdian boiled water is taken 2 times a day after meals.

Asoka Flower As a Cricket Medication in foot

For some people sometimes often experience cramps in betih so it is very disturbing daily activities. To overcome this you can try to make a cure from Ashoka flowers. The trick is also quite easy, you just need to boil Ashoka flowers, leaves and fresh rose buds that had previously been cleaned. Drink the decoction of the leaf 3 times daily after meals.

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