Voting Power Restored

I am looking at todays statistics from @arcange and there are several things that stand out, from monthly active users to number of posts and comments, but what I am looking at now are the top categories of the day which shows essentially which communities are active today.

1. Actifit


3. D.Buzz

4. LeoFinance

5. Proof Of Brain

6. Makeup Power

7. DTube

8. Foodies

9. Photography Lovers

10. Hive CN

11. Sports Talk Social

12. Hive Gaming

13. Threespeak

14. OCD


16. Cervantes

17. Splinterlands

18. Fintech

19. Deutsch

That's them all from this chart. Thanks for the stats @arcange

I want to look a bit closer at these categories this week.

Check out this week's active posts;

2121 Project: Recurring Transfers

I am giving away free Hive, get your transfer while there are spots left.
Pay it forward and create your own 2121 Recurring transfer post.


Hive & HBD Prices July 19 2021


Which way will BTC go next? 200721

Vote on the dPOLL now


This person does not exist glitch

"Consciousness experiencing itself deep in the waters of emotion."



London Real Interviews Andreas Antonopoulos

Watch this interview and let me know what you think about the discussion!



Fortnite Ferrari

Open the story to see the car, Ferrari landed in the center of the multiverse, the Fortnite island and there are time challenges that you can complete. Meanwhile I am having a blast with the UFOs


Initiate voting pause

Sometimes it is good to take break!
2 days ago I decided to stop voting to let my voting power recharge.


Bitcoin is rising

It was 32,610 when I posted this. It was in fact rising as you can see, up to 34283 today.



Live view at Starbase

With no major Starship launches I hadn't looked at the live cameras in a while.
I also found this amazing shot of the Earth from a raptor engine posted recently.


Cathy Wood, Jack Dorsey, Elon Musk talk Bitcoin

This was too interesting to be listening to and not share.


WWI Verdun Western Front

FREE on EPIC this week. "This is the tragedy of war."


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