Bot developments 2019.02.15.

Dear Users,

I just wanted to share some feedback on service, and some directions on developments.

I created some automated notification about messages. If I have a reply on the latest post, I get also email notification. Important to reply to the post, not to one of others post (in this case no notification).
The second possibility to send 0.001 STEEM. This is the most effective because I get 100% sure notification about these messages.

I started to create an accounting service, which will create some accounting on transactions sent to the bot. This service will serve the correct accounting. Maybe you noticed sometimes if the bot has some overload it sends out some transactions. I want to make correct service, so if someone sends a valid bid, and it has a different value for some reason (maybe because of double order which I will describe in details later.) the service will calculate the right value, and I will able to send back the amount which not correct.

First, the few runs will be a test run, and I will post the result of the report, to have a transparent service.

If everything runs perfect, then I will make the refund automatic, and schedule to run in every 30 minutes.

I also have the ​plan to replace the core of the bot later, but this will be a bigger effort​ after I stabilize the customer experience, I will follow on this project. I will write more about the project later​ when I finished these.

From the investment side, I'm not planning to remove the capital. All the profit goes to the bot value increase to make the service available for wider usage.

Thanks for reading this post!

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