Chasing Financial Freedom- blogpost 1

Chasing Financial Freedom in Suriname
Objectives I’m pursuing- financial freedom

I'm currently a 21 year old Surinamese undergrad and carrying on with a generally agreeable life at this point. In any case, this won’t last long if I keep up what I’m doing now. Trust me when I say I’m nowhere close to monetary independency. All I own is being or has been provided by. I also never had a job. Anyhow, while not actually having anything of my own I would like to be a financially free individual.

How do I define " financial freedom "
Without truly exploring this term enough. I came up with a definition as follows: ~to be able to afford basic wants and needs~. This definition is nowhere near perfect, but I feel it speaks to me the most when I think about that term.

Why I chase financial freedom?
Before I set this as a goal I wanted to achieve I thought about why I wanted to achieve it in the first place. So to answer this I listed all my basic reasons. There is obviously a hierarchy when it comes to my needs, hence they will be listed as most to less important.

  1. Being set for life ( home ownership, more than enough in savings account etc.)
  2. To give back to my “providers” (family)
  3. Giving back to the community
  4. Traveling all over the world for the sake of adventuring

How am I going to achieve this exactly?
I actually don’t have clear answer on this but knowing myself, the three main things that I need to be able to do this are discipline, a schedule and confidence. With having those three things working I am hoping to being close to achieve my goal. I am a creative and putting all my bottled up ideas at work would give me some kind of leverage. I know I have potential and it’s up to me to make it happen. But with all the bright ideas I have in mind there is a huge obstacle: Being a full time creative (artist) in a country like Suriname is not something to dream about at the moment because it’s not very reliable as far as I know ( hopefully I’m just a foolish person and totally wrong about it). But I’m still doing my research and I know it’s going to take time before I can be financially free while doing the things I love. Just gotta start my journey.

Before I end this, I would like to share an interesting take on this topic that I found on the internet.

Thanks for joining my first ever blogpost.

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