Need your view: What to do with SPS

Need your view: What to do with SPS

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The introduction of SPS in #Splinterlands, has introduced a whole new dimension to the game. For a start I just staked all my SPS to maximise on the high APR%. Currently the APR is still at a very high 67%. This together with the airdrop is giving me a daily income of around 111 SPS. The current SPS value of SPS is around $0.88. With some quick and dirty calculations this gives me ZAR 1 465.00 per day. This is equal to ZAR 43 956.00 per month.

South Africans will know that this is an above average salary in South Africa and quite a bit more than for instance a teachers salary. I love these figures.

Nobody knows what the future holds, and that is where my predicament lies. If we knew that Splinterlands, will just keep on growing and never go bust, it would be an easy decision, to just keep on investing in Splinterlands, but now we don't know this. (Just look what happened to Steem, that was once at $8.00)

My current thinking is to take out half of my daily SPS earning and invest it as follow:

  • 50% into other crypto's
  • 50% onto the stock exchange

In this way I won't have all my eggs in one basket!! This however means that I loose out on that very nice APR% and possible big growth in SPS value!!

I would love to hear your views /advice and advice on this!!

If this Splinterlands carry on as it is currently, I might still be able to afford my little house at the coast!!

I hope you liked the post as much as I liked writing it.

I hope you have a wonderful day!!

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