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There's stuff I could share here, but... argh!

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I've got a few recipes I need to work out and share. I want them on my blog eventually so I can easily find them again. But it means I have to take pictures off of my phone, work out the steps and post it. And I just can't bring myself to do this right now.

I've decided not to do anything I don't feel like (aside from household chores and such) during this short time before work starts, so that means I don't post much and I don't write many interesting things.

I could also write about the new Ark map we've been trying. It's pretty cool, though we haven't spend a lot of time there yet. I took screenshots! I just don't feel like creating the story behind it yet.

So instead, I'll go with just another blog.

Yesterday, we went to Ikea. Hubby's idea! I wanted a small cabinet for my bedroom and he suggested we pick it up yesterday. We also picked up a lunch box and some other things. And afterwards, we checked out the small food market and I bought candy... Oops! And then we had a hotdog. Well, I had a veggie dog. It was delicious, mostly because the sauce was sooooo good.

Then we were supposed to go check out used cars, but hubby wasn't feeling very well, so we picked up some groceries and went back home.

Hubby has a cold. So it's lots of throat candy and warm tea for him. I hope he'll feel better soon. He's still gaming off and on though, so that's good. We took it easy last night and watched Harry Potter.

Oh, we were supposed to go see Fantastic Beasts in the cinema today, but we'll do that when hubby is feeling better. I'm looking forward to it!

Tomorrow I'll hear when my job starts, but I'm guessing it's a week from then. It means hubby needs to find a new car next week. Hope he'll feel better real soon, so he can get on that. His dad had some suggestions, so maybe they can go look at cars together.

I'm also feeling a little off. Guess I got a small cold too, but it's not too bad yet. Just a full head and a little extra sniffing. I think I'll just do some gaming today. Haven't felt like it a lot lately, but I feel like it today.

Which reminds me, I need to log into ESO for my daily reward.

Hope you're all doing well!

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