Foodie's first week on the job

So, I've had my first week at my new job.

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I haven't been writing anything this week. Sorry, but I just wanted to give myself all the energy I could get for this job and figured I'd give myself a break in other areas.

What can I say about the job? Well, the main thing is:

The people are so nice!

Like, it's kinda creepy. That's not my view of the world and the people in it. But I guess them having around 40 people means they can all get to know each other and it's just easier to communicate across the entire organization. I think their weekly opening with everyone helps there too.

There's some challenges there right now, so it's hard to find the time to properly get me sorted out as a new employee, but I've just been looking over someone's shoulder and going to many meetings where I only understand half of what is being said. It all helps to build up a complete picture in my head and slowly fill in the details. We'll get there eventually I'm sure.

The driving to and from work is okay. I don't like it much, but it's doable. Going back home is the worst of it, because of how busy it is by then.

So far, I enjoy having a 3 days work week. I have plenty of time left to relax and do household chores. I'm glad I can re-start my working days like this.

Before starting this job, I read one of their blogs and it said there were a lot of treats. I found this to be pretty accurate this week! There was a cheese sandwich on monday (my first day), then apparently on tuesday they had 'oliebollen', then yesterday, thursday, there was cookie! A big one in many pieces.

So! That means I need to figure out a shoes problem.

See, I have to wear dresses/skirts there, instead of regular pants. This means I can't wear my only comfortable shoes, because that just looks horrible. So I wear other, less comfortable shoes. They hurt my feet when I walk. But with all these treats (and even without them), I really need to walk during breaks.

The solution to this is taking an extra pair of shoes with me to work. which feels like a hassle, but it's either that, or learn to walk on these other shoes without my heels hating me.

Oh well, I'll work that out.

Anyway, so far I'm really positive about the job, but that's mainly based on the work environment. I'm sure the work itself will be good too, I just have to learn more first.

I do know I won't be writing as much as I used to. Atleast not for now. I don't feel like doing pc stuff after a day at work and I'm not going to force myself. This job now has priority over my blogging, sorry. I'll still blog when I do have time/energy for it though. Gotta keep sharing recipes when I have good ones to share.

And now, my lunch is ready.

Hope you're doing well!

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