Some photos from my trip to Florida

A month or so ago I was checking out flight tickets for some reason and found out it was only like $70 round trip to Miami. So, I figured hey why not?

Things didnt go so well at first. AirBnb cancelled my booking and deactivated my account for no ppssible reason I could think of a week before my trip. I ended up checking out VRBO and found a great place througg there for $150 a night. It was located in Lauderdale by the Sea, about an hour North of Miami. This place was only 2 blocks from the beach and the little downtown area too. Sweet! Heres some pics of the place. Ive also never seen so many McLarens, Lambos, Maseratis, and other high end cars in one place.




The second issue I ran into was getting a rental car. I originally booked through Budget. When I arrived to pickup the car and give the rest of my information, I was told they do not accept online bank cards. I couldnt get a reason for this other than it needs to be from a well known bank. Which makes 0 sense. How is 4 million users not a well known bank? They wouldnt even try my card. Mind you Ive used these exact cards at other Budget locations not too long ago.

Luckily I had a backup reservation with Hertz. The guy there told me they dont take Chime debit. But I had my Chime credit card that he wasnt sure would work. Unlike the other place, he actually tried to run it through and it worked.

After that initial stress, the rest of the trip went very well. Me and the gf spent most of the time spending way too much money on food and margaritas. I think i put on a few pounds.

Outside of eating, we took a trip to a driving range to hit some golf balls. Ended up eating and drinking margaritas there too lol. Spent a little time in Miami beach, Fort Lauderdale beach, downtown Fort Lauderdale, and the little town/city we were staying in.

Ive been slacking on my photo taking, I wish I wouldbe taken more now. But, here are a few of the ones I did take.

Overall it was a great trip. Im not looking forward to going back North. Would definitely come back again. 9/10












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