Thursday meeting with the @globalschool and @schmidi at Spaces 💻☕️

spaces quare one working at laptop.jpg

Today I met with the @globalschool students and @schmidi at Spaces Square One Co-working. We got a little tour through the place as well as some goodies as a memory.


The students and Werner loved the space, where I worked with my last student groups already in 2020 before the pandemic hit Vienna and the world.

business card paper wall.jpg

But my business card survived on the community paper wall! This is a very good sign. It's shows that we are still part of this awesome co-working space. And I am happy to be back!

group with me spaces last days.jpg

Check out the @globalschool co-learning report tomorrow or the blog of @schmidi to see more pictures.

All the best, we wish you a great end of the week! 🤑


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