Continuation of story about me being away from here for almost three weeks

Hi, guys!

Yesterday I promised to tell you about the small amount of good things that I still managed to see during my so-called vacation. I already wrote about how terrible conditions I got into (of course, everything is subjective, but still for me it was really terrible conditions), but there was also a little good.

First of all, it was located in the territory of a pine forest, which means that the air is amazingly clean and smells like pine needles. That was just what it was very nice. All the time that I could, I spent outside. When I realized that this place was too far from perfect, I asked my husband to bring my flute. Initially, I planned to go without her, as I understood that I would hardly be allowed to play in such an institution, but everything quickly fell into place. I realized that if I wanted to, I could even play drums there.

After my husband brought me the instrument, everything became much better. I started playing not so long ago, and it was very cool, I managed to significantly improve my playing skill and learn several new plays.

I still want to complain about the strange grandfather who stalked me. I got it, honestly, I got it up to white heat! It was literally 4 days of hell! I'm starting to think that it was given to me so that I could learn to say no.

In the end, we had a conversation of the following content: he came up to me and asked how my mood was. I have just been taken out of an acute mental state, what kind of mood can I have? I said: bad. And then he says: "How bad is that? You SHOULD be good!" I don't owe anyone anything. I started yelling, explaining to him who he is and where to go.

As a result, he ruined me for four whole days, and if when I arrived, my eyebrow was twitching, then at that moment my whole head began to twitch. My husband came and explained to me that I must immediately stop this communication. And so I did.

From the beautiful - above the central flower bed, two little girls danced a mating dance every evening. I was not able to photograph them together, but it turned out like this:



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