BEOS BECO Director Elections


Well our first BEOS year is in the can and it's time to elect two replacement directors to replace Paul Martello who died a few months back and Angus McGlynn who suffered a back injury and was forced to resign. The two replacements will join our other three directors Michael Taggart, Timothy Burke and Stan Larimer looking after the BEOS network and managing tokens for Manna holders.

All holders of BEOS are eligible to vote in proportion to their BEOS holdings. We will be dropping voting tokens to all accounts on BEOS and BitShares that hold BEOS tokens. The first director will be elected during the fiirst two weeks in June using a new VOTEA token to be distributed on June 1st. You'll have two weeks to send in your votes to the account of whoever you want to choose as a director to replace Paul. Then on the sixteenth we'll deliver VOTEB tokens to be used in the following two weeks to choose a director to replace Angus.

Anyone can throw their hat in the ring to be nominated for the positions. Just post your qualifications and why you want the job in the comments to this post. Be sure to specify your BEOS account where people should send their VOTE tokens to vote for you. Whoever collects the most VOTEA tokens by June 15th will be declared the winner of Paul's slot. Whoever collects the most VOTEB by June 30 will be the winner of Angus's slot. These are three-year terms.

Stan's term will expire next year and Michael and Tim will expire at the end of the third year, two years from now.

Existing directors will vote BEOS tokens held by BECO and BLCA.

You are free to spend your tokens to any combination of accounts but you'll have the biggest effect sending them all to the one person you want to win.

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