BitShares Core "Splash" 5.1.0 Release

Release Notes

The BitShares Core software has been updated to the 5.1.0 Feature Release. The codename of the 5.x releases is "Splash". The Core software is used to build the validation nodes that perform consensus of all transactions on the BitShares blockchain. This release includes additions, improvements and bug fixes but does not include any changes to the consensus protocol.

Documentation for users may be be found at How BitShares Works.

Documentation for BitShares developers may be found at the BitShares Developer Portal.

Who Should Upgrade?

Public API nodes should upgrade to support client software that attempt to use the new APIs.

Private API nodes may or may not upgrade depending on the use cases.

Pure validation nodes E.G. block producers and seed nodes are not required to upgrade.

Upgrade Process


  • A blockchain replay will automatically be performed after the validation node software is restarted. This typically takes a few hours on a modern CPU.

How to Upgrade from Source Code


  • The code base requires a compiler that supports the C++ 14 standard
  • The minimum supported boost version is 1.58, the maximum is 1.69
  • The minimum supported CMake version is 3.2

Obtain the Source Code

The source code may be obtained by checking out the 5.1.0 tag. Download the source at:

Build the Binaries

The binaries may be built by using your pre-existing process, or by following the standard instructions that can be found in the wiki:

Deploy the Binaries

Your standard process for deploying the node software may be used. No additional requirements or precautions will be required to deploy the new release.

How to Upgrade with Docker

The latest Docker image may be found at BitShares Core Docker page and updated with

docker pull bitshares/bitshares-core:5.1.0

Binaries for download

Binaries of the command line interface (CLI) wallet and the node software are pre-built and available for download.

Note: These binary builds are reproducible and were signed using Gitian. Please check the README if you want to verify and/or contribute.

PlatformSHA256 Checksum
Microsoft Windows161c349f2af47894d9458fe5da7922d192c6be97c3bccf760c505c6866b72c65


The changes for 5.1.0 Feature Release are summarized below.

Node Functionality

DescriptionIssuePull Request
Add current supply and maximum supply to budget object23032304
Update seed nodes-2277, 2309, 2315, 2316

Node Performance and Stability

DescriptionIssuePull Request
Fix a crash related to OpenSSL config file path2276FC-211, 2288

Node Plug-ins

DescriptionIssuePull Request
Expand market history plugin to support liquidity pools-2297


Please check the linked pull requests for more info and documentation.

DescriptionIssuePull Request
Add APIs for liquidity pools2280, 2284, 22862285, 2297
Add APIs for tickets22912289
Add current supply and maximum supply to budget object23032304

Software Design

DescriptionIssuePull Request
Force 16-byte alignment on optional class-FC-219
Simplify implementation of account and asset lookup APIs-2308
Explicitly convert integers to bools-FC-221, 2320
Fix compiler warnings-FC-212, 2310

Build Process and Continuous Integration (CI)

DescriptionIssuePull Request
Add a check for project submodules-2329
Improve testing in parallel in Github Actions CI2274FC-217, FC-209, FC-210, 2275
Run Github Actions CI in Ubuntu 16 and 18-FC-215, 2317
Use Boost 1.69 in Github Actions Actions CI macOS build-FC-212, 2301
Support macOS 11 Big Sur in Github Actions CI-FC-218, 2322
Show more log messages in Github Actions CI-FC-220, 2320
Update build status badges-FC-227, FC-228, 2332
Stop using Travis-CI2312, 2292FC-214, FC-213, 2313, 2301, 2294, 2287


DescriptionIssuePull Request
Improve docs of get_trade_history* database API-2305
Add comments for operation types and object types-2306
Correct a chain parameter's description-2326
Add script in plugin README-2293
Fix Doxygen warnings-FC-223, 2324
Update license year and contributors list-FC-225, FC-229, FC-230, 2330, 2335, 2336

Unit Tests

DescriptionIssuePull Request
Deal with a race condition in logging tests-FC-222

Release Contributors

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@bangzi1001 (
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@sinetek (
@xiao93 (
@xloem (

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