Bitcoin is dead (LOL)

Are you enjoying the volatility, or are you getting scared when you look at your crypto portfolio at the moment?

For some of you this may have been your first and biggest crash ever since you joined the crypto space.

Naturally, there was a lot of chatter on crypto social media. Some people wanted to bury their heads in the sand, while others were wondering: Is this the bottom or will it go lower? Should I buy now or wait?

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I'm not scared. And neither should you be.

Bitcoin has been declared dead over 400 times in its short existence. If you want to see some entertaining examples, have a look at

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If you panic and sell your coins now, someone will be buying them from you.

Ask yourself, why would they do that? Remember, Bitcoin's price and Bitcoin's value are two different things. Just because its price temporarily goes down, doesn't mean that its fundamental value changed. (The same goes for many other cryptocurrencies.)

Big dips in prices are absolutely normal in a crypto bull market. The good news is that afterwards, Bitcoin's price ALWAYS rises higher than it was before.

So if you believe in Bitcoin's fundamental value and you have been waiting for a moment of opportunity and lower prices (pretty much two for the price of one :)) I hope you take advantage and "buy the dip".

I recorded a class on how to make good buying decision this week. See this post for more details.

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