Tone Vays does Keiser Report!

We had the great pleasure of interviewing Tone Vays up in Toronto at the Blockchain Economic Event hosted by Sunny Ray of

Worth watching both halves as it's all about bitcoin and all the FUD making it more and more anti-fragile. But if you just want to watch the interview with Tone Vays, jump ahead to about the 13 minute mark.

Here is the programme synopsis: In this episode of the Keiser Report from Toronto, Max and Stacy discuss Jamie Dimon’s regrets and the anti-fragility of Bitcoin. Case in point: government crackdowns on cryptocurrencies constantly make them stronger through innovation by necessity. In the second half, Max interviews bitcoin trader and analyst, Tone Vays of the World Crypto Network, about the latest chart analysis and why he is a ‘bitcoin maximalist.’ They look at a few altcoins (including Maxcoin), some ICO scams, and the coming second layer for bitcoin and why it will drive adoption and prices higher.

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