The Dr. Fraudci and Kill Gates Scam of the Century

The Dr. Fraudci and Kill Gates Scam of the Century

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INTRO VID: Scooby Doo Solves The Hoax:

Fauci's Book Listing Removed from Amazon, B&N:

Dr. Anthony Fauci, point man on coronavirus, is a Holy Cross alum:

Life Insurance And Covid-19; Something Doesn’t Make Sense:

The U.S. Has Failed to Persuade Americans to Get Vaccines. Here's How It Should Course-Correct:

22-year-old woman wins $1 million in Ohio’s first Vax-a-Million lottery:

‘Vax for the Win!’ California launches ‘largest’ vaccine lottery in US with $1.5mn prizes & $50 gift cards for losers:

Gruesome Newsom’s Vax Lottery Game Show!:

Hitler on Propaganda:

Qantas Offers Unlimited Flights in Biggest Vaccine Incentive:

Cuomo: The Vaccination Card That You Get Opens Doors, And Allows You To Participate in Life:

The Psychopath in Charge of Canada: (Video)


French Police Using Drones to Enforce Lockdown:

Danish ISP Blocks Bitchute:

New Pfizer study: Four fifths of all vaccinated children aged 12 and over complain of side effects:

BBC Radio Newcastle presenter Lisa Shaw died aged 44 after suffering blood clots following Covid AstraZeneca jab, her family reveal:

British Columbia: Langley-area man loses 2 metres of intestine after a blood clot following his AstraZeneca jab:

Bitcoin 2021 starts off as a complete cluster F%*k - Contrarian Dude:

“FUCK ELON, WE'RE NOT SELLING!” — @maxkeiser @ #Bitcoin Miami 2021:

Doge guy on stage at Bitcoin 2021:

President of El Salvador Says He’s Submitting Bill to Make Bitcoin Legal Tender:

Elon Musk Exposed:

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