Beer Saturday 222 - Plums, Kindness and The Things We Don't Say

#BeerSaturday is at week 223 and I am drinking in the sour, charitable kindness.


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I became a beer blogger because of the years I have spent brewing for myself, the breweries I work with now on their technology and marketing, and the decades spent imbibing combine for the self-decreed title of the #Blockchain #Beerologist.

This week,


Pint of the Week!


The exclamation on a good week is a beer shared at a pub or a bar in town...especially if it is with friends. This one is with my buddy Mista D as we celebrate Indian summer and take advantage of the fleeting patio days. We are both friends with Ryan, the owner of Black Swan Brewing and D is a big fan of their Wild Child sour so it was an easy choice. Also featured in the image is the Tallman which is another local business owned by a good dood worth a valuable backlink.

Otherwise, I am drinking Galaxy Awakens pale ale which isn't on the website, but is a solid beer that was a predecessor of sorts for the iconic Black Swan IPA Beer and friends are what life is made of and I am glad for this pint of the week.


Plum Good sour


I am a self-proclaimed IPA guy but I do love a good sour. The problem, with me, is I have to be in the mood for a sour, don't generally like to drink more than 1 (unless they are I really do like Elora Brewing Company and definitely had to give this a shake.


There is no descriptive side panel on Lodestar with Plum but I have poured it aggressively into my cool skull mug. I couldn't find the plum version of Lodestar but apparently there are quite a few fruit variations It wasn't particularly dry or sour or sweet or anything, but still a solid tart beer. Probably better than my review suggests but many good sours are lost on me.


Things We Don't Say


I have such a history with Jobsite Brewing Company starting before the floors were even poured, through building the computing network, and our ongoing partnership in supporting community initiatives. Most of the beers I enjoy there in recent years are shorties which make it into the Shorty of the Week regularly.


Things We Don't Say Hazy Pale Ale is a "craft beer project started by @eagleparkbrewing to help shift how we approach mental health by encouraging people to talk about their experiences and feelings, both good and bad, and to demonstrate the importance of asking for help when we need it. A portion of the proceeds of our sales will be donated locally to help our community." Seeing as it is in support of mental health and a portion of the proceeds go to local mental health causes, the beer doesn't really need to be that good. It is though!

It is beautifully hazy and plenty bold for a Pale Ale. Serious dry hops almost overpower the sweetness in a unique and enjoyable beer for a good cause.




I am back with Black Swan Brewing for their latest one-off playground beer simply called Kindness. The only place I could find mention of it outside the taproom and a brief social media description "A deliciously juicy new NEIPA" was in untappd The lady behind the counter said it was her favourite one to date so I was looking forward to it.

As you may be able to tell (especially if you follow my weekly Zeke Thoughts posts /@zekepickleman/zeke-thoughts-weird-money-dumbass) I am a fan of unabashed and viral positivity. Kindness branding is right up my alley, as are juicy, new, NEIPAs! This one is definitely a mouthful. a dry tanginess and full body is something I could get used to if it wasn't just a 1-time brew. I stuffed a 6-pack in my fridge and 1 in @evileddy's so I should have it for a week or 2 at least.

Definitely a kind treat for my mouth!




Thanks again for this wonderful #hive #beer gift by @spirall on Twitter! Hop in on the marketing push with us and invite the world of beer bloggers to join us on Hive.

223 consecutive weeks of raising a glass with @detlev and our global crew of drinkin' buddies! Talk about consistency and, most likely, a smattering of beer gut! Here is your chance to add your beer story and become an official beer blogger /@detlev/beersaturday-week-223-calls-you-to-join

This week, I am inviting a friend I have known for years and I feel is more than a worthy candidate for witness if you are so inclined @enginewitty.

Cheers to our global family of beer-drinkers!!



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