Jane Doe; Hard Lemonade:

Jane Doe; Hard Lemonade:


I went BEER shopping some weeks ago at my favourite BEER shop, which stacks a huge variety of various beers!! It is some distance away from me, thus when I go there, I try to buy a number of beers, that I have not tasted before.

I just grab, and pack, stuff that looks interesting, without reading the labels!!

It was only when I started taking photos of this can, that I noticed this is a Hard Lemonade and not beer!! Who packs Lemonade in between the Beer???


I see that it is actually brewed by a brewing company, but consists of water, lemonade and alcohol. It comes in a 330ml can and has 4% alcohol,


If you look at in the glass, it just looks like normal lemonade, and that is exactly what it tastes like.

I actually like lemonade, thus this tasted good to me, but I was rather disappointed that it was not a real BEER*!!


I hope you liked the post as much as I liked writing it.

I hope you have a wonderful day!!

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