Brut Pilsner Collab!!

Brut Pilsner Collab!!


This BEER is brewed by the Saggy Stone Brewery in collaboration with Cape Brewer's Exchange. For this brew they used a hops imported from New Zealand, called MOTUEKA. They combined the Motueka hops with some Saphir hops, giving this beer a unique taste. For the malt, they used a German light Pilsner malt.


I really struggled to take proper photos of this beer's can, thus I had to read most on their website. This beer however came in a decent 500ml size and has 5% alcohol.


The beer poured beautifully, with a dark golden colour and a nice head on top. It also tasted great, that hops flavour came through very nicely, and I really enjoyed this beer. I must make a note of the ingredients and see if I can find this hops at my local brewing supply shop, to use in some homebrews!!

You can read more about Brut Pilsner, by clicking the link.

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