Well, it is another #BEERSATURDAY, so I am doing another post about beer.

Let's pour one...


As with the last two beers, this is from my local brewery pickup from the store. I actually picked up some more, because we had guests over. Not to be limited, I got a variety of ales in cans and bottles.

Not meaning to repeat breweries, but that's just how it goes. Today's beer is from Durham's Fullsteam Brewery

I picked up this beer, once again, because of its creative name. If you have ever visited the South East USA during the July and August months, you know the name. HUMIDITY! It gets hot here and you just wish for it to rain and get the soaking overwith. There are ways you can keep cool, fans, iced tea and a light refreshing drink.

Humidity is a Pale Ale and I'm beginning to feel as if I am not a fan of Indian or regular version of Pale Ales. Maybe it was my food pairing, but it didn't go well with my burger nor the Doritios


Frankly, it tasted like it was brewed with grass. A review says they were tropical hops.

Tropical hops and N.C.-grown Triticale -- a wheat/rye hybrid from White Hat Seed Farm (Hertford, N.C.) -- lends a fruity and lightly bitter finish. ”The Official Beer of North Carolina.” -- Thrillist

Well, whatever triticale is, I think I will leave it with the kale. It could be just me, but the beer had a bitter taste from the start to the finish. I didn't feel it was very fruity at all. With only a 6% alcohol by volume rating for the can, I wish I had the 33% version from the tap, so the buzz would have gotten me past the taste. Maybe if it was hotter out and I was trying to cool down (it has been a little chilly here lately), then maybe I would have found it more refreshing. This definitely isn't going to unseat Coffee is for Closers nor the Blood Orange Wheat Ale.


If anyone from Fullsteam Brewery reads this, well, I'm sorry. I have enjoyed one of your beers, so 50% satisfaction is better than 0%.

This week of #BeerSaturday, I like to invite @builderofcastles to write a post about beer with min. 3 pics in any language


Let the positive energy sing!

More Power to the Minnows!!

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