Super Delicious Stout

It has been a minute since I have posted a beer review. The #beersaturday crew was my first home on Steem/Hive so I need to do a better job of contributing to my roots. This weekends beer is a Super Delicious Stout. This is a nitro sesson stout by Shorts brewing out of Michigan.


This a drinkable nitro stout packed with all the bold, roasted coffee and chocolate flavors, but offers a sweet finish that appeals to most beer drinkers. At 4/4% ABV and 43IBUs this beer is approachable. It's even beer that the beer uses nitro vs CO2 which adds a nice creamy mouthfeel that makes you feel like its a coffee house mocha more than beer.


The flavor is more developed than I would have expected. I get more than those bold, roasted coffee and chocolate flavors. I get roasted grain, slight bourbon, sweet vanilla, and bittersweet chocolate. It has a moderate bitterness on the finish and the bourbon vanilla notes open as the beer warms.


It was the perfect grilling beer. We have been spending a lot fo time out on our deck enjoying our new fireplace and smoker. This summer has been hot or too wet so I'm excited for the more moderate fall weather. We invested in an outdoor space and I feel like we barely got to use it. If you have the ability to get shorts beer I recommend grabbing this one1

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