Beer Tasting - Blond Ale ('Proud Mary' by Hajsonberg Brewery)

Bear flag continues to develop. Sharp moves such as this one rarely recover quickly. Small caps rising on news!

Lots of mobile phone partnerships, timed right after the dump. Too bad. Don’t get fooled by the pumps, we are still in danger zone and moves to the downside can be sharp and sudden. Crypto is a fickle space as you know and momentum tends to rule the day in a bear market. Until confirmed otherwise, treat movement up as an exception rather than norm. I'm prepared to endure one more leg down, it will show if bears are withdrawing or not.

An unusual find in a small local cafe. I am always surprised by the sheer number of breweries in this small country. Everyone is a beer expert!

Hajsonberg Proud Mary

StyleBlond Ale
CountryHrvatski Leskovac, Croatia
BreweryHajsonberg Brewery
AppearancePale amber, clear. Medium white head.
AromaGentle flowery and malty.
TasteHerbal bitter all the way.
PalateSilky smooth. A tad watery. Medicinal bitter finish.
OverallAn average blond ale that doesn't justify the price.
Score (subjective)- 13/20

Price: 19 kuna (2.91$) for 0.5 l. On tap at a cafe. Splurge.

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Rare, no rating.

Please drink with style and responsibility!

Camera: Cell phone - Moto E5 Plus

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