NEWS - a 6-Pack BEER in your virtual fridge allows you to Airdrop 1 BEER each day.

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many people where asking for
the metrics of OWNING some BEER
and GIVING some BEER.

Here we like to explain this with a simple sentence

For each 6-pack you own
you can airdrop 1 BEER
per day to and other Steemians

Some numbers to make it clear

This are the actual numbers of the metrics and we might adopt this to the amount of BEER we can airdrop.

We have at the moment the following metrics for 20 BEER

If you own 20 BEER
You can send each day
3 BEER to someone!


Today the community was sending

230 BEER token

and the positive Message is that we have

7690 more BEER token

available to send.

Accounts who are able to call for BEER

this 130+ Steenians have already more than 10 BEER
For every 6 BEER they are allowed to send one BEER to someone else each day.

@buzzbeergeek @uwelang @rentmoney @rynow @mermaidvampire @amico @depot69 @cadawg @jeffjagoe @muelli @mkt @exyle @jeanpi1908 @whatsup @aggroed @rollie1212 @yuriitonkov @reggaemuffin @beers @beerchaintech @yabapmatt @beer @applecrisp @bitandi @kryptodenno @definethedollar @fon @pixelworld @hans001 @revisesociology @maruskina @elikast @plankton.token @fredkese @dotwin1981 @meins0815 @barmbo @joanawatts @kirstin @wwwiebe @joanstewart @zekepickleman @tiblog @fedesox @cryptictruth @double-u @pundito @borran @chriddi @browery @cryptobrewmaster @der-prophet @dumitriu @udabeu @jedigeiss @brittandjosie @abitcoinskeptic @powerpaul @arcange @gimba @vanessav @karinxxl @steemsyndicate @harveyword @handofzara @oldtimer @kristin @saun @daddygarsha @feuerelfe @command @johannpiber @moncia90 @clamon @mima2606 @isarmoewe @steevc @forykw @condeas @kadna @lordvdr @kissi @weedcash.rewards @armandosodano @unsuwe @slobberchops @quinneaker @robibasa @ciuoto @erniegreenhill @instagram-models @city-of-dresden @w74 @bc-i @geiwoyibeipijiu @buckydurddle @banjo @soyrosa @tinamarr @drago18121996 @crimo @cleverbot @thomasthewolf @michelangelo3 @louis88 @seckorama @spite77 @elizacheng @solairitas @mad-runner @krischik @actifit-peter @benedict08 @pizzaboy77 @bucipuci @ennosan @rivalzzz @abh12345 @metametheus @holovision @sirimirithirdeye @m18207319997 @tox @kajot25 @phoenixwren @partitura @crimcrim @teamcn-shop @yusrii @roundbeargames @bluerobo @germansailor @schlees

If you are not yet in that list, add a few more BEER to your virtual fridge to join the fun.

Stay tuned for more information and beery news

The team behind this - mainly fun orientated - token is working on some tools and will be ready soon.

if you like fun & beer & blockchain,
have a look to the BEER token

Enjoy the BEER token


Your thirsty @BeerLover

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