Actual Status of STAKED BEER and the Crowdsale of BEER

Hey Steeminas, dear BEER lovers

just a few days ago we enabled the STAKING and the PROOF OF STAKE and with a look to the statistics I saw this today.

30648 BEER are already STAKED and earn a daily interest!


Means that 291 accounts now earn some BEER each day by having their BEER working for them. Smart people!!

The Crowdsale

We still have this open until the 26.8.2019 and today there is a value of around 380 Steem in the account.

is open until the
next monday 26.8.19
even if the market price
is above 0.15 Steem for a BEER
we sell for 0.15!!

All the funds @beerlover get will be used for further development of the token.

What will be next with BEER


We have some ideas in mind to have some more activities and some more fun with this cool token.

  • Another (f)airdrop as we soon have the 10,000 BEER token done
  • A game where BEER is the currency or a special bonus
  • Activating a miner to be able to mine BEER
  • A function where you are able to send BEER from your own wallet to friends
  • Another CROWDSALE to have some more functions

If you like to assist with another cool idea, just contact @detlev and discuss it

Stay tuned for more information

The team behind this - mainly fun and community orientated - token is working on some tools and will be ready soon.

if you like fun and beer and blockchain,
have a look to the BEER token

Enjoy the BEER token


Your thirsty @BeerLover

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