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It’s Saturday. It’s a long weekend. You know what that means: Beer!


I hope you are well!

I haven’t actually done one of these in forever, but today I’m on a cabin trip and in the mood. It’s the first such trip in quite some time due to the current situation. The restrictions are starting to loosen here in Norway, thus allowing us to slowly return to normal and travel a bit.

I can’t help but feel a bit guilty in doing so, however, as I know many are still stuck at home. I’d therefore like to first send everyone well wishes, especially my friends in Spain who as I understand can leave home for one hour today for the first time in 50 (!) days.

Hope you are all staying healthy and well!

An End of Winter Brew

During the dark months of winter, I often find myself in the mood for some darker beers. Winter is coming to an end finally, but the weather this weekend has reminded us that it’s not quite summer yet. I therefore figured it would be the perfect time to clear out a couple of handsome gents that have been taking up a spot on my shelf the past few months.

Today we have one that was gifted to me by the boss man, who insists it Norway’s best, nay the world’s best bock! Could it be true?

Well, it’s from Norway’s oldest brewery anyways, Aass, established in 1834. The beer describes itself as a chestnut-brown, under-fermented beer with café au lait-colored foam. Dark malts give the beer a good sweetness and moderate bitterness. The beer acquires a good fullness and an aromatic character.

The verdict: 9/10

While I am wholly unqualified to judge whether this is in fact the world's best bock as I quite honestly haven't had that many, I will say that I did rather enjoy this. It didn't have much foam, but other than that, it pretty much lived up to the description. This is one I could imagine stocking up on come next winter.


Well, that was tasty. Won't be the last beer of the weekend, but the next one will have to be enjoyed while out and about looking for tonight's dinner.


Happy Saturday everyone! Especially you @detlev


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