Beach Wednesday Edition 9 - Black Sand Beach.

I think that we all imagine that all beaches have powdery white soft sand and we automatically think the tropical islands is the place to be to let our hair down and let it all hang out if someone was to tell you black sand can be just as attractive as a white sand beaches you would automatically think no they could not be they look like they have had a huge oil spill on them, it wouldn't be safe swimming there or even walking along that black sand beach well, I would have to disagree with that because seeing Black Sands Beach in Sausalito, California gave me a whole different perspective on black sand beaches.

Black Sands Beach, Sausalito, California.






When I was in American visiting my cousin and his wife we travel many places around America but on this particular it was kids day and even though it wasn't the middle of summer the kids said they wanted to go and play on the beach with the black sand, I sort of looked at them in a confused way play with black sand they said yes...uncle John you don't know Black Sands Beach well no comment, I just when along with it and said of course of have, lets get them beach buckets and little shovels in the car.



We were holidaying in California at the time so we were not to far from Black Sands Beach, it wasn't a brilliant morning, a bit cool and grey sky but that wasn't going to worry us as the weather can change dramatically as the day goes on, so in a matter of time we were on the beach and the kids had already managed to bury their selves in the black sand. The morning seemed to be threatening rain when we got down to the beach but then the clouds started lifting around mid-day and we could start seeing the blue sky.





The Black Sands Beach, is actually not far from the Golden Gate Bridge the beach faces south to the Golden Gate Bridge on a real clear day you will get great city views from standing on this beach which is below the Marin Headlands in Golden Gate National Recreation Area. I was totally surprised the black sand looked rather stunning the water felt so good and the black sand was extremely soft we were all loving it and the kids having a time of there life.






It is not a long stretch of beach compared to other beaches, I have seen on my travels but still it is a beautiful, mile-long stretch of black sand with great seascapes and landscapes surrounding the beach and to get down to this beach once you have park your car in the parking lot you need to walk down about 250 or so wooden steps not so bad but uphill makes you rethink of all life’s choices.... thank god for the scenic views on the way up that let you know hope exists and you won’t die on this mountain trail. As the day was getting on the kids were still enjoying themselves and the day was turning out even better with nice blue skies appearing. This beach even looked great in Black and White, it just had all the right combinations of contrast.





There are also great hiking trails along this beach to test your levels of fitness if you were up to that. When we first walked down in good daylight the sand looked like a brownish-black color but once the sun started setting behind those giant hills the sand really started contrasting with the waves and looked black black, so cool and it was then when the sun starting going down behind them giant hills, it started creating the most beautiful contrast with the sand and the sun, here I had to take a billion pics. We were not far from home so we decided to stay around for the sunset and the kids were still not bored of the black sand, really turned out a great day for all of us.








#beachwednesday by @uwelang


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