Beach Wednesday Edition 8 - World Beaches!!

It has been just over four years ago since I was on this beautiful island called Koh Samui, in Thailand and till today I still have many fond memories of this pristine island, Koh Samui Island is Thailand’s largest island, with long stretches of white sand and clear water beaches stretching to the horizon, a most popular island for beach goers having many beaches to choose from depending how you want to spend your vacation. There are 12 main beaches on this island but that's not counting all the little hidden gem beaches and there are over one hundred or more of them around the island.

Chaweng Beach on Koh Samui Island, I would say is the most popular beach for young party goers the beach is 7km of white sand making, it the longest beach on the east coast of the island, lined with coconut trees with many beach bars and resorts to choose from and the island has warm temperatures all year round making it a very international visitors beach.

Chaweng Beach, Koh Samui Island, Thailand.





Choeng Mon Beach is more of a clear crystal turquoise sallow waters and is located on the northeast corner of the island this is a more upscale beach with luxurious multi-star resorts for the people who like to be spoiled, pampered and have golden platinum credit cards.

Choeng Mon Beach, Koh Samui Island, Thailand.





Maenam Beach, I loved it seem to have the best of both worlds it had more of a unspoiled natural scenery not over developed just the right mix of bars and hotels was much easier to navigate around and not over priced, it almost seemed like you were on a different island. Maenam Beach faced north into the Gulf of Thailand and from there you could see the neighboring island of Koh Phangan, known as the full moon party island which was about 20km in the distance.

Maenam Beach, Koh Samui Island, Thailand.





Lamai Beach the next largest beach compared to Chaweng Beach was a older charming town and less chaotic than Chaweng Beach. Lamai beach was much less developed then Chaweng beach running at a slower pace and more of a relaxed beach suited for families and children offering a array of amenities. On the day we visited Lamai beach there were so pretty angry clouds hanging around but they turned out to be all show and no action they just ended up blowing away into the Gulf of Thailand and the blue sky appeared again.

Lamai Beach, Koh Samui Island, Thailand.




Chaweng Noi Beach was the best it looked like it had just leaped out of the pages of a travel magazine was such a clean beach with no debris to be found anywhere on the beach, it was wider and whiter then most of the other beaches a very beautiful, spectacular classy beach with most resorts having infinity pools for you to enjoy the best sea views and coastal vistas.

Chaweng Noi Beach, Koh Samui Island, Thailand.






And to finish this post of just a couple of hidden gem beaches with no specific names, I loved this beach with this only one old wooden shack sitting on the beach, who ever owned and was living in this old wooden shack had the whole beach and views all to themselves, rent free with no water or electric bills, lucky him.







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