Recovery Unplugged LIVE Anabelle Munro and Lureen Xiaoyun Wu

Recovery Unplugged LIVE! Monday we welcomed back Anabelle Munro and introduced Lureen Xiaoyun Wu joining forces with Amy Leigh McCorkle and Missy Goodman making a lot of noise coming out of the Branson International Film Festival this past weekend and are going to lower the BOOM on the world tonight on our show Recovery Unplugged. We'll talk stigma, our creative visions, and the bright and brilliant and amazing vision for the future!

This episode catches up with all three individuals post festival and also previews two upcoming projects - The Guardian Sacrifice and the Letters to Daniel TV Series - Amy shares the pitch decks for the two projects during the episode.

Check out the Replay

For more information about Amy McCorkle @lettersgrrl check out her film festival website - Conquering Disabilities with Film International Film Fest

Find out more about Annabelle Munro check out - The Most Important Films

Check out Lureen Xiaoyun Wu and her work for the Las Vegas Asian Film Awards

Original broadcast on @vimm by @johnspalding

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