❗❕❗TUTORIAL🎨❄Lonely tree on the road❄💙Watercolor💛

Hello everyone who loves art. ❄💙🤗

Today I want to share with you a drawing of a student. It got so cold in our city that the children began to paint winter. Today I want to show you a simple way to draw a winter landscape.



💙watercolor paper;
❄watercolor brushes.


  1. With a pencil, outline the horizon line, path (do not forget about the perspective), tree, fence and circle (closer to the right or left corner for the moon).
  2. Let's start from the sky! Watercolor loves water, so you should first smear the sheet with water before using paint. Start making circular strokes around the moon.🌒
  3. Now you should cover the ground with white watercolor. AND! On top of white, in some places, make strokes with cold colors (blue, purple, blue).
  4. Add a blue shadow to our moon. Where there is light (above), you just need to leave a white sheet.
    When you paint with watercolors, your leaf needs to breathe!
  5. We make the tree, fence and bush near the tree black. We can add red berries on the bush.
  6. The final touch !!! Add snow on the tree and bushes with white gouache. + make splashes with white gouache (snowfall effect).


What do you say? What do you think?🤔😉😁

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