Art Talk: Chihuly at the Oklahoma City Museum of Art

What a wonderful surprise to find out that the Oklahoma City Museum of Art has one of the largest collections of Chihuly glass in the world. From my last post Share My World: My first visit to Oklahoma you might remember me saying that I am a self proclaimed Chihuly Groupie. My goal is to go to a Chihuly exhibition each year. This will allow me to see new and interesting cities, their botanical gardens and of course Chihuly's amazing glass art.

Eleanor Blake Kirkpatrick Memorial Tower

This is a impressive 55 foot tower in the front atrium of the art museum.

Eleanor Blake Kirkpatrick Memorial Tower in the atrium

Close up of the Eleanor Blake Kirkpatrick Memorial Tower


The Macchia series are some of my favorite pieces that Chihuly does. Every time I see a Chihuly Macchia piece I am excited and amazed. The lines and color are so unique. This time I noticed how the ring around the piece was a very different color than the rest of the piece giving it extra depth and contrast.

While researching for this post I learned the Dale Chihuly got a Fulbright scholarship to study glass in Italy. Working as an advisor in an honors college where I often tell students about the Fulbright scholarship this was an exciting discovery for me. 1


While Chihuly is known for his glass I really enjoy his paintings too.


Chihuly's boats are filled with colorful glass balls or interesting and unique flowers.

Float Boat

Ikebana Boat


This was the first time that I had seen Chihuly's Putti. It is so unlike his other work that I wouldn't have thought that he did it. I am so used to his use of bright colors and these were so subdued in comparison.

“Somehow the Putti just look extraordinary in glass. Traditionally they were done in wood, or in plaster, or cast in bronze, and of course used in paintings. To me, the Putti look best made out of glass. I don't know what it is. Maybe it's because you can see through it. They’re happier in glass.”

Jerusalem Glass


Orange Baskets

Twilight and Silver Persian Set

The Extraordinary Persian Ceiling

I had a hard time stopping taking pictures of this ceiling. It is so full of color and shape and light and shadow. I wanted to capture it all!

Thanks for joining me on a tour of the Chihuly Exhibit at the Oklahoma City Musuem of Art. I had a great time and highly suggest it if you are are going to be in Oklahoma City or the surrounding area. I also went to Chihuly at the Kew Gardens in London this summer and will have a tour of that exhibit soon.

1 Chihuly's Maccia
2 Chihuly's Putti

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