My art contest Mushroom Seer and his poision spores

Hi, everyone! This is my post for the art contest week 147. This time I decided to draw the Mushroom Seer because I think he is a beautiful and exotic caracter.

Mushroom Seer.png

I used the inkscape programme to buld the art because I think it is easier and get to do what I would like.

During the construction I accidentally changed the eye color, but this got so intense that I prefered keeping this way.


Another problem was the power, I used to think that his magic power would be a big magic ball, so I made this. But when I read the lore about our friend, I found out the mention about his spores, what make sense since that he has a poision hability.


That's all, guys. It was so fun to draw and I hope you have liked. Until next week of the art contest!

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