Recycle Art -New Project Idea

Happy Memorial Day weekend for my fellow Americans!

While visiting my daughter this weekend, I noticed a lot of coffee pods ready to be thrown away... For those of you who already know me, that's a big NO NO! I always recycle things and my favorite activity is to re-purpose them.

These coffee pods are made of aluminum material, like a super heavy foil, so it is a very good medium for embossing...


So... I peeled the tops, and discarded the used coffee grinds. I swear I felt like cleaning oysters!!!

That's how they look inside.

image4 (10).jpeg

And that's the outside.


I washed them thoroughly and let then dry naturally.


I have plenty of them... I don't know yet what am I going to create with them... night is a good advisor... I will let you know soon... meanwhile, I wonder what do you think? What would you create? Just curious...

... by the way... I know already what I will do, but I will tell you in my next post, and I will take some photos too!!!


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